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  1. Hi Ichabod, I'm sorry you went through the things you did...and for what it's worth, I believe you. I was in a very conservative church for 19 years (women did not wear pants, cut their hair, wear make-up or jewelry. No TV or worldly music etc). I saw all kind of abuse in this group while I was in it. We were not "plain". We were Pentecostal. Most of the abuse was psychological. However, I also knew of many officials that committed adultery and one who committed suicide. I know of parents that believe that unless their "discipline" created the "blueness of a wound" that their kids weren't disciplined. My husband and I were very abused in this group and finally left after giving our lives to it. During the height of the abuse we had someone smash the headlights and taillights out of one of our vehicles and drive by our house in the middle of the night beeping their horn. This is just a small sampling of what happened. All "in the name of the Lord". The people who did these things thought they were doing "God's work". It was sick. I studied Amish and Mennonite groups looking for a better way than the one we were living back when I was still living that way. I studied them for years and joined plain forums etc. A turning point for me was when I read an online book about a Swartzentruber man and all the abuse he endured. It was just sickening. I still love the idea of the plain people but know that my fantasy about them has been just that. It was just a fantasy like the church I had been a part of was a fantasy. I am done chasing rainbows. I've been out of church for 6 years now. Welcome to the group. You will find both positives and negatives here. I have enjoyed this forum mostly. Your thinking will be challenged for sure.
  2. Hi Rogue, I felt very sad when I read your post. I think we all, from every fundy denomination that has left, feels broken and nostalgic for the fantasy we believed in. I think all religions are based on some fantasy that we WISH were true. It is like an escape from reality and reality is harsh. I still believe in heaven, I think. I say, I think, because I don't KNOW heaven is real. But I figure if it gives me comfort and a buffer, I will make my own version as I try and work this out. The people here who say heaven (or paradise) doesn't exist don't KNOW that either, so, why not hold to what makes me feel good while I can sort and sift through things? I don't think you have to throw everything out in order to work through your feelings. We are so used to being beat up in our religions that we beat ourselves up when there is no one there to do it for us. Take the good and do what you can to make yourself feel better. Believe in your own paradise of your own making while staying grounded in reality. Remember that no one can prove there is no paradise. But, you KNOW that some of what you were taught was wrong. Reject that but don't kill yourself in the process. My two cents. freespirit~
  3. Okay, I wasn't sure if you understood AOG beliefs. I was in the United Pentecostal Church for many years, was totally indoctrinated and sold out 110%. Take heart.....people can and do get out...but it's a very long journey sometimes.
  4. Hi Trapped, Sorry for your situation. Your analogy about the bullet is a good one and fits well, I think. There have been some good suggestions given already but I would suggest that you join an Assemblies of God forum under an alias and feel out how to debate with an AOG person. Most of them are going to have prepackaged arguments. Then, you might learn how to sloooowwwlllyyyyy try and turn the ship of your marriage.
  5. Nice to have the power back on. My cousin lost his house in NY. Guess my damaged fence isn't so bad. Thanks for all the welcomes. Bart Ehrman is on my list. Whenever I read of a name I add it to my list and then read the book reviews on Amazon. Glad to hear you are okay! My sister is in DC and she said they escaped any damage.
  6. Hello Awakened, Sorry you lost your good friends/in laws that way. Have you ever read Bart Ehrman? He has some excellent books.
  7. Hi MusicPoetry! Welcome! I enjoyed reading your story because it is so different from mine. I do think you belong here though. If you think you can gain from the forum, you belong here! The main thing I was thinking is no matter what you believe, don't give up hope in being reunited with your grandparents. You don't know what will happen after death, so don't give up hope for it.
  8. Hi Heather. We left a conservative fundamentalist group 6 years ago but only about a year ago did I read Bart Ehrman's God's Problem. Blew me away and I haven't been the same since. Wow! Anyway, you and your husband, it sounds, can make this journey slowly together, as my husband and I did. Our kids are both out, angry sometimes, but so are we. Hope things go well for you.
  9. Hi Caleb, I'm guessing you were brought up UPC? My husband and I pastored in the UPC for 10 years. We brought our kids up in it. I know and understand it. Welcome to the forum. We all (my husband, I and kids) left the UPC 6 years ago. It's not easy to leave. I'm kind of a deist myself now, I guess, but I don't really define myself in any way. freepsirit
  10. Hi freespirit! I love reading your posts. Keep it up! I come and go around here. I read here more than I post, but I'm trying to change that. I've found so many people here who think similarly to me, and considering what an oddball I am, that's amazing.

  11. Hey, girl! Hug back. Yeah, I'm enjoying it too. Let me know for sure if you get this as I am new at maneuvering this forum. I think this is where I reply to you!

  12. I am so enjoying our interaction!!

    (smile!) and hug for you..........

  13. Here is a Christian lie: God healed me! (When they are just wishing) I know there are a ton more but my mind is drawing an immediate blank. I'm sure folks can come up with a few of these!
  14. Actually, I am quite pro "withholding information" but I don't think that's the same thing as telling a blatant lie.
  15. Yeah, I'm pretty truthful that way too. Just to play devil's advocate, why is telling the truth a higher value than sparing someone their feelings or avoiding unnecessary conflict? Just for instance. Ok here's a truth for ya, having your feelings hurt or having to deal with conflict will not kill you. It may even teach you to question yourself further or be accountable in some way you were not before. At the risk of getting my ass kicked why on earth are you americans so afraid of conflict or anything that will actually cause you to question your motives or deal with "negative" feelings? Surely constant avoidance of said issues keeps one immature. Yes, I agree Galien. When people don't tell me the truth I get the feeling they think I'm a wuss.
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