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Found 3 results

  1. Guest

    Into Buddhism

    I'm really getting into Buddhism now. It fits my outlook on life and truth closely. I bought the book "What the Buddha taught" by Walpola Rahula. It had very good reviews from most all Buddhists, except from like one fundamentalist Buddhist troll on the internet. I read the excerpt on amazon and I was blown away by it. It's very easy to read for a book on religion. I do not know what school of Buddhism I might follow. I do like Zen, but within Zen there is also Soto and Rinzai views. It's really not that big of deal, not like picking "the true church" in Christianity. Its just that the different schools in buddhism hold different rituals and interpretations of the core of Buddhism that all believe. None are really fighting against each other like in Christianity. So I'd follow whatever i feel is right and good for me. I believe the author of the book was a Theravada monk. I also have a "Zen for Idiots: book, but I don't know how good that is. There is tons of Buddhists books out there, but some are innacurate, sort of "corrupted" by today's new age thinking and too much influence from other religions. But it is quite interesting studying it all. There is plenty of webpages out there to help and their forums seem to have quite open minded people. I think I may join their forums more and come here less. It seems this forum is filled with too much hate, too much ignorance. I do know I've become hateful here too with my own posts. Hate it's a natural expression of emotion, but to wallow in hatred, as is the tendency here (and in any forum), is never good, nor much productive. But at the same time, I do see people struggling to control their hatred and overcome it. It is still all interesting to watch. I was looking for nearby Zendos, it seems most all are out in western Long Island, in the city, and also upstate New York. None out by me in eastern Long Island. No big deal, as they aren't like churches at all, but it would be interesting to talk to a teacher someday. For now I'm just reading the basics of everything. One which inspired me was Pine Hill zendo, way out in upstate New York. On the front page it has a picture of a tree growing on a rock, with the quote from the bible “Some fell on rock, ….” (LUKE 8:11). Then says: Pine Hill's zendo for Rinzai Zen. I was looking into Rinzai because I liked samurai's and their way, Rinzai was what they followed. Of the zen schools, Rinzai's are more into Koans and teaching, while Soto's focus more into meditation (though both meditate). But that was just just why I was curious. Anyway I found that intro on their website quite interesting. Once on a trip to a christian retreat upstate, I doodled a picture of a tree on a rock. I believe the tree was barren of leaves too. I never really knew what it meant till I found this interesting connection now. I don't believe it's anything prophetic or miraculous, but interesting my mind finally makes the connection to this now. Also the quote that "you are in the midst of the kingdom of heaven - and have always been" was quite interesting. Nearly everyday when I went to work I would hear the words "the kingdom of heaven is inside you" ringing inside my head. This was from a verse Jesus said, refering to his spiritual kingdom, in his explaination to the Jewish Pharisees of it's nature (Luke 17:20-21). It seems it's something many that christians don't bother to read too, with their obsession for a coming earthly kingdom. There is a similar thing spoken in the Gospel of Thomas, popularized by the movie Stigmata, which was probably what made it get stuck in my head. I wasn't hearing voices or anything magical, it was just like a song that gets stuck in your head. Anyway I never knew of why it was bothering me so much. I did somewhat hear of connections to Buddhism ealier, but never looked into it. Now I just happen come across this and it's very inspiring. Maybe my mind will shut up about it now. So that's what I'm into now. Maybe tommorrow I'll change my mind again. But I am happy with this Buddhism, a happiness I never had for quite some time. Isn't that what matters? Check out A talk by Denko Osho and another of his, The Unattainable Way. He is a funny man. I like the humor in this Zen belief.
  2. Guest


    I think I might ditch the asatru and follow some sort of buddhism or deism. Something simple. Maybe nothing at all. I have no time to play the religious games, with all their rituals and doctrines and everything else that gives me a headache. I need something I can relax with. Something I can be comfortable being with my family and others. Paganism and heathenism, would require more solitude for me, something I have very little of. Plus it's just plain silly the more I read of it. I can see right through it. Man following made up gods. Cursing others man-made interpretations of man-made gods. Squabbling and fretting over the pettiest of shit. And all the superstition and ignorance that comes with it. The bullshit of "magic". All the crazy ass rituals and chanting. Might as well be catholic if wanted to do that. I do still have great respect for the Asatru followers though. Nice folk, nice morals (except the racist bastards). It's magic is interesting, I suppose the same as paganisms magic, but I find its effects are really just psychological. Still it would "work" then, releasing emotions, clearing the mind and all. In the previous post I had a link to a pratitioner of berserkergang. That "magic" was really how one can induce an adrenaline high in oneself, making you stronger, for a little while. In the practicle sense, I suppose it would be useful for soldiers and fighters. Buddhism I can live with though. Now which type of buddhism? Here I go again! Most likely it's zen buddhism I like again, but I want to research the others. Maybe I'll end up an atheist. But thats's too boring and they're always so grumpy. I find apatheism to be a better form of atheism. The point where you don't believe in god, and don't care or stress out that others do. Being able to live your life free from the nagging thought and nagging people. That's where it's at. Too many atheists it seems spend their lives debating what might as well be the existance of santa claus. And with what fury they do it with too! It's so silly sometimes. And can become quite hateful and cruel. They sometimes end up becoming what they hate. Ah, maybe it's just those wacky internet atheists.
  3. Guest

    Back to Asatru?

    I'm really liking Asatru again. I like the values it holds, and I find drawn to it for some other reasons too. Maybe that its a sort of warrior religion. Maybe that its northern religion and I'm used to the cold. Maybe because I hate to shave. I do find is confusing, and fustrating, trying to sort out through the good and bad factions, people and elements within it. Like Christianity, it has it's own nutcases, fundamentalists and viking fluffbunnies. Maybe it could be said that its nutty all together. But the worldview and morals it has is good, at least better then Christianity's contradictory ones. I should not flock to another religion or belief purely because the other wrong. Rather I go where I find goodness and truth, most importantly where I feel most comfortable and at peace (hopefully not a false peace either). I believe people should have the freedom to believe or follow what they want, even if it is wacky to others or unreasonable to some. I found this off of an article explaining the sillyness of racist factions in asatru. This excerpt is explaining the basic values asatru's follow: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What is it to be ASATRU then? ASATRU is a warrior's way of life to me. If you believe yourself to be a warrior, then you must also acknowledge Othinn as a war god. Our faith is to be found in our hearts and minds of belonging to a code of being that once was which we call today the Northern way. It is not a racially inclined religion, nor political with a view to control others but ascribes to the unwritten Nine Noble Virtues which are: COURAGE.........We face life's struggles with courage. Without courage as was in olden times, nothing else can be achieved for the Old Man said: TRUTH..........We do not follow blindly our faith but dare question all things. This is unlike many blind following religions today that follow parrot fashion the beliefs of their religious hierarchy. In earnests truth is a willingness to listen, to be honest and always speak or act with what one knows to be true. HONOUR.....We must be honourable both in actions and our deeds as to what we are by our example. Should we fail or fall short in our deeds, it is not through a lack of honour for trying to do what is right by us and our gods. FIDELITY.....We stand loyal to our faith and our values. Loyalty is the basis for all enduring human activity, and we hold it in the highest esteem. HOSPITALITY........We are all willing to share what one has with our kindred, especially traveling guests and this is a vital part of our way of life. We do not disrespect other folk's faith either as long as they honour ours in return DISCIPLINE.............We maintain and hold to the discipline necessary to fulfill our purpose. We stand willing to exercise the self-control and steadfastness necessary in these difficult times. INDUSTRIOUSNESS.....We believe in keeping busy and taking an active approach to life. We make things happen and are ready always to take necessary risks, watching and wondering what happened we leave to others. SELF-RELIANCE.......... We depend on our own strength and character to achieve our goals. We seek only the freedom where possible within the laws of the land necessary to achieve our goals or aims whatever it may be. PERSEVERANCE...........We hold to our path until its completion and are not ashamed to be strong. The cult of the anti-hero will find no support in us, and the gods we follow are not for the weak. This is no religion for quitters or cowards.
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