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Still have any Gods? If so, who or what?

Found 6 results

  1. Guest

    KIFC:Sexism is Good!

    Sexism is Good! -------------------------------------------------- Women can't do work that men do. They mope about behind your back, "Please give me a break from bratty children, household chores, being your trophy wife. I want a rest" No siree. "Women should submit to their husbands" the Bible says. So that mean I can do anything with women, even rape them. Women are dumb with Swiss cheese in their brains. They don't understand what's good for them. I just don't like women. Mr Braggio --------------------------------------------------- Now's that's just sad. Women is equal with men. They can be intelligent and lovely. I recommend you go to a mental hospital. Rameus --------------------------------------------------- You apeman, I don't like you,a pansy who is bossed by petticoats! You should be killed!!!!! Mr Braggio --------------------------------------------------- Ah, go boil your head, Brag shag. I just don't have time for people like you. You are a crazy bunch. Rameus --------------------------------------------------- I remember ya, idiot. It's me, Goldy. I will not subscribe to your rule!!!1111 But I have this thing to say. I agree with Braggio,women is just stupid. Emmauel Goldstein II --------------------------------------------------- Whoohoo! In your face! I beat you, Ram bullshit! Mr Braggio --------------------------------------------------- Sigh. I'll go shoot myself. Rameus --------------------------------------------------- This is a pointless forum. The mean Critic --------------------------------------------------- What the fuck? King Christian --------------------------------------------------- The End
  2. Freedom of religion: A Sin! ----------------------------------------- These freaking Hindoos, Buddhists, pagans, panatheists and, the worst of all, the naughty atheists! I only wish there was only one religion on earth, that is..... CHRISTIANITY! These freakin' heretics is the last thing I want, I want to fleece the guillble sheepies out of their money. I want sleeping people in pews instead of people having sex. Hysterical Preacher ----------------------------------------- Yea, for the Lord don't suffer fools gladly. Let us put 100% Old Testament laws in place. These fools have caused society HUGE damage for merely using reason! I met a atheist in the streets, he said "God is dead!" I gasped " You fool!!!!! God is real!!" The fool said "Your anti abortion protest cardboard stink of hypocrisy." I swelled up, " Then you're a murderer!",the boor merely laughed in my face, boy, I was furious. I picked up a stone to kill the boor, then his face bloodied, I smiled happily as he writhed to death. I thought " God damn him to hell, he deserves it" The police didn't notice it, thank God! Mrs Piously Sheltered -------------------------------------------- I am shocked you talked about a murder so causally. I am a Jainist Buddhist, I abhor murder of any kind even abortion or stoning. I wipe off beetles before sitting. Imagine my shock when I read of a atheist being murdered and not being noticed by police.My first instinct was to be angry but I resisted because it was against my religion. All I can say, you all are bigots and hypocritical gits. The Divine is us -------------------------------------- I'll stone ya! The blood be on you! The Pompous Toady -------------------------------------- I'll hold my peace then The Divine is us -------------------------------------- Stop! The stupid Buddhist is banned!!! Jesus, be merciful to this bald head and put him in Hell, please, we don't want him here. King Christian -------------------------------------- Ah, Hitler is a wanker! Emmanuel Goldstein II -------------------------------------- You're sick! You are a bunch of apeheads!!! You have no brains. I strongly rebuke you for your unethical behaviour. My God don't mind atheists and any other people like that. You are bunch of racists, disabledists,xenophobics, migynoists, murderers, gore mad and hypocrites! But then all people will be in Heaven. Universalist --------------------------------- Arrgh...icky liberal christians. King Christian --------------------------------- THE END
  3. Guest

    KIFC: Disabled People

    Disabled people --------------------------------- These sopping wheelchair people! They stare at you til you have enough! My Lord depiseth the cripples! A bible quote put it best, " Happy is who dash the littles on rocks!" I have enough of the cripples sucking taxes from the good Christians of America! Let's go murder them! King Christian ----------------------------------- Ah, The Lord hates the people that sitteth around. The deaf people are the worst! They don't have a care about salvation, they go to Deaf clubs, go to Gallaudet, signing about Matlee Matlin and smile a lot. I FREAKING HATE THEM! I wish, they was in church listening to the preacher, not smiling, hands under bottoms, thinking godly thoughts and mouthing prayers that they be healed. Mrs Piously Sheltered ------------------------------ I hate Downs. They hug people of the same sex, saying "I love you!" and being so freakin' positive. I can't stand it! And being poor! I like rich people. Let's abolish all disableds in the earth under the guise of cures and love! A T Thunderbird ------------------------------- Oh, you're so BIGOTED! All disabled people is GREAT! I have a Cerebal palsy son, Micheal, and he's a such bubbly and happy person, I love him and it made me reflect that if a biblical God existed, He must be bipolar! If we're under a Theocracy, Micheal would not exist. I don't care about bigots like you. You're fucked in the head. it's you that should be abolished! Mrs Happily Atheist -------------------------------- ARRRHGGGGHHHGHHH!!!!!! I HATE ATHEIST BREEDERS! I love christian breeders. You're banned then. King Christian --------------------------------- Fine! Then stuff you! Mrs Happily Atheist --------------------------------- The End
  4. A Heathen's posting Slander about God! ---------------------------------------- Who want to ban Psycho__Satan? King Christian ---------------------------------------- Ooey, 'eah! Judgemental Fyndie #1 with God ---------------------------------------- I disagree! Psycho__Satan must not be banned! Liberal Hippy ---------------------------------------- You're banned for saying that a heathen shouldn't be banned! King Christian ---------------------------------------- He was in leauge with gay Nazis! Emammuel Goldstein II ----------------------------------------- I agree! Space Cadet ----------------------------------------- Psycho__Satan showed truth which is not allowed,He showed common sense which is evil. Ya know, we must keep these youths brainwashed for their life. Make them feel worthless so God can destroy them. Praise God for making them sad! Mr God ------------------------------------------ He was so satanic I had to keep him away from my Bible because he would eat the truth up. How sad was God! He gave my babies a disease!"The fool sayeth in his heart, there is no God." The Bible is ABSOLUTELY right! We must kill these terrible people for good of the world! Mrs Piously Sheltered ------------------------------------------- Beautifully put! Amen the day when all atheists are eradicated and there's a theocracy in Heaven waiting for us! We roll in the money while the babies and the all infidels burns!!! A T Thunderbird -------------------------------------------- Motion granted to ban Pyscho__Satan. King Christian -------------------------------------------- (Pyscho__Satan is banned) The End
  5. The Marquis de God Problem -------------------------------------- Mr God is suing me for blaspheming Him. I just hate him. What a boor! He is trying to shut me up by throwing me into Hell. He wish he were Marquis De sade, the humbug! We'll talk to each other on Jerry Springer.... Catch me!! Stereotypical Atheist --------------------------------------- My friends, the Hellboy is goona be in Hell! A T Thunderbird (The toady of God) ------------------------------ Quite right! Mr God ------------------------------ Everybody, Hitler was a gay atheist!!! Emamuel Goldstein ------------------------------- Moses were a righteous man of God. Everybody stone the Stereo Atheist!! The Pompous Toady -------------------------------- Amen. Mr God --------------------------------- Whohoo!! (Throwing the first stone) A T. Thunderbird --------------------------------- Aaagh! F**K the Holey Spook!! The Stereotypical Atheist --------------------------------- You are banned for blaspheming God and Holy Spirit! King Christian --------------------------------- C**p! The Stereotypical Atheist (Now Banned) --------------------------------- (the thread is locked by King Christian)
  6. First... a history lesson on how I created KIFC. It were on October 11, in a thread about God, that I wrote this first ever KIFC satire. Here is the original thread where I originally wrote KIFC in. God is.... Stankdeezle were one of the first people to read it and the only Christian to actually comment on my satires. Stankdeezle, you've carved yourself a place in EXC history. So, enjoy! A dissection of Posciple ice creams on Killing infidels for Christ forums Posicple ice cream is evil! It leads our boys to homosexuality, and they will be in Hell if they don't stop licking Pop ice creams! People have had gone from God ALL because of these evil ice creams! Do you know the Popiscle cream is shaped like male genitals? God forbids! It taste like lemon juice, which is a slang for cumming! You must stop your boy from being a pansy! PLLLLLLLLLEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAASEEE keep your boy in godliness. Hysterical Preacher --------------------------- Oh no! I licked one while I read this thread! I must repent of my sin! Gullible Lickspittle --------------------------- God will damn these gay boys into Hell. What's the hope? Nun in God --------------------------- That guy who likes Popiscle ice creams must be killed! But before killing him, take his money for Christ. A T Thunderbird ---------------------------- You irrational stung Xtians! Do you know you are spreading lies about Popiscle Ice cream? Grand Atheist ---------------------------- You're banned ModerNazier for G$d ---------------------------- You're bigoted and stupid. You are making boys feel horrible for liking ice cream. You demonized gay boys for liking boys. You are inhuman b***ards. Shadfox ----------------------------- You are a stupid little pansy man who likes apes. You like apes. Emmanuel Goldstein II ----------------------------- You're banned Shadfox. King Christian ----------------------------- Kill, kill, kill, fight the infidels! Mrs Piously sheltered ----------------------------- Ah, shut up, pompous git! Mr. Crudely Drawn Atheist ----------------------------- God damn these gay boys to hell! Mr Braggio ----------------------------- Amen to that! Emmanuel Goldstein II ----------------------------- You are a bunch of irritating rats.... The Joker of Atheistland ------------------------------ You insufferable gits! KKK lover ------------------------------ All atheists are banned but the racists can stay! King Christian ------------------------------ WHOOHOOO!!!!!!!! KKK lover ------------------------------ THE END
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