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Still have any Gods? If so, who or what?

Found 5 results

  1. A lot of politicians and congressional members have been making the headlines in some of the worst ways lately. Headline making behavior like writing treasonous sounding letters of hate and rebellion against diplomatic talks directly to Iranian leadership. Making the phrase "climate change" an unrecognized term when talking about Earth science. Trying to declare Christianity the state religion. Submitting legislation that proposes punishing homosexuals....wait for it...for being homosexual. There are even some senators out there who believe wage disparity doesn't exist. I cannot reconcile the general air of selfish interest with our country's reputation of being a land of opportunity. When I look at my fellow countrymen, I see a lot of frustration, and even when speaking to them there is an obvious problem with recognizing the larger good. The important unity of being a country is forgotten. The benefit of wanting to take care of one another isn't even on the table for consideration. It's like a scene from the Coen brothers' movie Oh Brother, Where Art Thou? "I've got to do for me and mine!" This is the depths of survival no one wants to be a part of, and definitely not own their part of. You hear this mentality when discussing coal reforms with boilermakers. They have bills to pay and kids to feed, but who cares about the environment once their children are grandparents. It's hard to miss the misgivings in tone when discussing universal healthcare with conservatives. Why would they want to invest in their neighbor's health? Why pay more taxes to finance better health services for everyone, including their future family members? After all, it's not like their neighbor does anything for their family...like, say, paying taxes to support schools the childless neighbor doesn't even have any children attending. "Me and Mine." That's all I hear on the radio news. It's the underlying message that is consistently peddled in political legislation so riddled with pork barrels, I don't know if any bill that is funded actually has money for anything but the special interest groups that pushed it through. This ridiculous battle cry is all I hear in churches that preach on about needing more God in schools, courthouses, and state offices. It's become the go to excuse to abuse your neighbor, financially struggling waitress, aging mother, and your aspiring student in college. You need help affording food? Can't you do it yourself? I've go to look out for me and mine. It's a sick delusion of one against all. That somehow, going it alone and only looking out for yourself will yield you the best opportunity and results. Isolation brings success? In what country am I living? In what reality am I living? Surely not the America that bound itself together to become its own nation despite differences of opinion or practice. Definitely not the United States that recognized the right of the individual above the majority rule. Not the country that has emblazoned on our welcoming mother of liberty: "Bring me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, the tempest-tossed, to me: I left my lamp beside the golden door." - Lazarus Where am I? Where are these embittered denizens of long ago Rome's hierarchical class coming from? HBO and Showtime? Jerry Springer and The Voice? How did they get here and turn my world into a piranha filled tank of Hammurabi-esque reasoning? Fine and imprison gays. Treat immigrants as a nuisance. Act like food, shelter, and healthcare are merely privileges. Demand all citizens live by one ideology. All because, just like the big corporations, no one is willing to sacrifice any part of their bottom line. Not even for future generations of their own progeny. No. Them against the world. Everyone is within a delusional combat pit, fighting battles that wouldn't exist if they put their resources together. "I've gotta look out for me and mine!" ,they cry. Without "me and mine" (and everyone else's for that matter), you wouldn't have the products you love to buy. You wouldn't have emergency services. You wouldn't even have your job, probably. If we have to invest in you, the least you can do is say thank you and try to do the same for us. I especially have a beef when the religious blather on about End Times and Heaven's second coming. If they genuinely believed this crap, then let Caesar have what is Caesar's. Why does it matter if you are taxed into poverty? You'll have the eternal buffet of the wedding feast. Why do you really care if homosexuals want to marry? They'll be in Hell later anyway, and not your concern. This blatant abuse of logic tells me the "me and mine" attitude is just a front in religious circles. It's the pitiful caterwauling sound of being imaginably oppressed so they should be able to fight back by being bigoted towards those not in their cults. America is not what I remember from my youth. And with the advent of social networking it seems it is even more changed from a decade ago. I feel like H.G. Wells' time traveling scientist. Every place I go, as every year passes, my country changes to a land of bizarro attitudes and social standards, and I feel more rejected, unaccepted, belittled, and unwelcome. It's like trying to find a seat in the cafeteria in a high school and everyone literally enjoys seeing your rejection. Maybe it isn't so much change in the world, but my growing maturity that is picking up on more details in the scenery of society that I hadn't noticed before. Either way, I don't like it, and someday I really can see myself being the same way in return in order to preserve my sanity. If you can't beat them, join them, right?
  2. It seems over the last decade we have more things to be afraid of. Between the advent of engineered disease, and surreptitious attacks of mind boggling computer viruses that could potentially bring down banking systems globally, it would seem we need to look at everything we encounter with a fearful eye. Hidden within the plastic liner of that Doritos bag lies a potentially fatal flake of packaging ink that could find its way into your brain and start making you eat the brains of your children! Okay, that is just sarcasm, but I am sure you catch my drift. Though they did prove the dusty cheese of those chips kills brain cells, and those are the cells that don't get replaced....but I digress. Who really needs the letter Z, right? As an every day citizen on planet Earth, it would seem without adding any additional influences on our lives, trying to survive on this globe is a frightful one. When you add religion on top of this mix? When you add religious media on top of it? An everyday talk show with say, Glenn Beck? A person's mind transforms the pouty pundit into .... Lately, even the science world has been thrown into the windstorm of superstitious, and rather theocratic, reasoning. The tetrad blood moons has been providing a cosmic quaking of ecstasy filled bed wetting in the religious communities. Everywhere around us, there are theists that wake up, IMMEDIATELY in fear, as soon as they start their day. They deluge themselves in so called morning news, hanging on every murder, Israeli missle strike, and announcement by the banks of more bad news for their retirement accounts. All this information is being cataloged in their minds while they sit there eating their breakfast, mulling over the previous evenings Bible studies that focused on Revelations and God's return. Excitedly realizing the haphazard link between the news and the previous evenings studies, these believers call their parents, talk to coworkers, and even post their notions of prophetical confirmation on social media. Those who attempt to counter such line of thought are met with such great resistance. Those who recognize the illogical leaps that were made to receive such a euphoric state of panic truly wonder just how crazy a person must be to subject themselves to such emotional drama. To not be willing to look at the flip side to a claim and honestly evaluate the information is a hallmark of such behavior of fearful escapism. This is groupthink at its finest. Without it, occult escapism would not flourish. If you are not aware of what group think is, it is a psychological term that describes a desire so deep for uniformity in views that often irrational decision making and illogical conclusions are welcome in order to attain cohesiveness. By doing so, the group will alienate and suppress anyone who dissents, and discourages independent thinking, which results in an inflated sense of impervious confirmation. George Orwell's novel 1984 highlights this type of phenomenon throughout. Needless to say, in an age of astounding communication based technology, it doesn't take much for someone to find a hive to be a drone in, even unknowingly. This makes escapism a very effective tool for not just the theistic organizations, but political as well, to take advantage of vulnerable citizens, turning them away from important issues to distract them with others that have inconsequential importance. The New World Order and Illuminati conspirators are very effective demonstrations of political escapism. Instead of facing the true propagators of failed policy and slumping economy, the government entities throughout the world have soaked their populations in the facade of hobnobbing billionaires that are plotting to overthrow all the world's governments by purchasing elections and favorable legislation; a coup upon the very freedom of man. All the while they do this, overwhelming the emotions of their citizens, governments are in reality the enablers of any corrupt behaviors within their walls of legislation, but they have successfully distracted their peers and placed a scapegoat out in the yard for slaughter. You can see this occurring within the ranks of religious entities, as well. End Time scenarios come and go, but signs of the advent of such an event seem to thrive and multiply every week. How else can these religious salesmen keep the tithing and support rolling in for their social, and political, aspirations when these prophecy dates come and go? They have learned to no longer offer actual dates, but instead use the same distractions of government propaganda and apply it to their own timelines, giving the illusion of perfectly synced events that have been predicted to occur before the arrival of End Times. How convenient. The signs are always on the time table of BEFORE the event, never at the time of occurrence. Everything is a sign. Blood moons, and their subsequent timing, coincides with the Jewish holy calendar. So you can imagine how much hype surrounded it. The ever fear inspiring Reverend Hagee explained to his millions of television show audience members that,"In each of these blood moons, you have something that begins in tragedy and ends in triumph. For instance, in 1948, Israel was reborn as a nation. After 2,000 years, God supernaturally brought them from 66 nations and a nation was born in a day. That again was a supernatural something that happened following the tragedy of the Holocaust. In 1967, Israel won the Six-Day War and recaptured Jerusalem. For the first time in 2,000 years, Jerusalem and the State of Israel were together again." This type of loose connection between science and coincidental history sent his followers, and many of other sects, into a frenzy. A rare celestial event, conveniently coupled with past history. Now, if only these fanatical worshipers of the divine would bother to understand the ridiculous logic here. Every year there are eclipses, passing of asteroids, and other very rare cosmic phenomena. And every year there are significant tragedies and successes in the world. But this event is special, they say. This is a predicted event in our holy texts, they say. WHY CAN'T YOU SEE WHAT WE SEE? They ask in all caps. The short answer to this? You are desperate for the answers you want to hear so you don't have to face reality. The longer answer? It is just a grown up ESCAPIST FANTASY. And if you don't know what that is, then you best look it up and get a psychologist because you are subconsciously wishing you could get the fuck out of this life alive, and live forever in Heaven, and see all the evil get what it has coming to it. Good luck with that. My personal favorite on the conspiracy list would be the NWO (New World Order). You know, the Illuminati. Cue the spooky Da Vinci Code soundtrack. This is a widely popular conspiracy involving the world banks and elitists taking over the world and reducing the human population to a manageable level so that resources do not run out. One world government. One world money. One world religion. And of course, as a gentleman explained to me one night, it is Lucifer - Himself - running the NWO. Dum Dum DUMMMMMMM. Can you imagine living in this type of mindset? In a world so grand, full of imagination and possibilities, we have citizens who think that Satan is wearing a three piece suit in all his red scaled glory, striding around the business table of an elite penthouse office somewhere in New York, saying to his attending board members,"Let's purposely package hot dog buns as packages of eight, and the wieners in packages of ten. We will make the consumers have to buy more to even it out, and thus, expose them more to our poisonous chemicals and addict their kids to our food with complete trust. Then we can link the uptick of bread consumption by Israel's younger population as a sign that they have truly forgotten their identity with Yahweh. Our celestial battle will begin when there is no longer enough fuel left in the Earth's crust to help fuel our cargo ships and the shipments of hot dogs to the Jews." Can we NOT have to apply rocket science as to why there is a disparity in the packaging numbers of buns versus wieners? Not everyone puts their dog in a bun. Some of us like to eat them sliced up into perfectly measured 1/4" circles to dip willy nilly in our sauces of choice. Some of us like to cut them into quarters, stab a stick pretzel through them, and pass them off as hor dourves at our little Mary Kay parties. Some of us like macaroni and wieners. And we all know that when you grill a ten pack of wieners, at least one of them ends up on the ground, thoroughly caked in dirt, and another gets overcooked and too tough. To think, that when I was a believer, just knowing I could be left behind and have my head chopped off for premium martyrdom access to heavenly rewards was frightening enough. Now, I have to be afraid of prepackaged food too? No. Just, no. I refuse to be afraid of processed foods - maybe the ingredients of such food - but not how it is packaged. Ffs. What was the point of this little rant about hot dogs? Well, the conspiracy behind hot dogs is the same as other far reaching ridiculousness, and the reality is that while conspiracy people have their heart in the right place - there are great things wrong with the world and there are people taking advantage of other people (but not the hot dog situation) - the blame they lay is pointing to an outside evil, when in fact, they need to look inward and accept that their fellow man has problems that they are not willing to help rectify. To escape the greater responsibility of setting forth a higher level of accountability is a difficult task, and many don't want to get their hands dirty in that process because, often times, the sorters are just as guilty as the mess makers. It is frustrating to watch escapists sit on the sidelines, bemoaning the fate of the world like salivating angels of Christ, wanting to slaughter the sinners, even if just in private thought. It is even more frustrating when my fellow secularists have the same mindset, as well, just minus the Beelzebub. I would suggest that the entire concept of the "Illuminati" was created by the official Jewish, Christian and Muslim religious establishments--and the officials of the media and their economic allies--to distract people from the fact that there are NO other institutions on the face of this planet who do more to pervert and turn upside down supposed Revealed Truth than they do. What they are saying is that "It is not us who are responsible for the EVILS in the world because of the Satanic theologies that we teach. We are the GOOD guys. It is some shadowy organization--the 'Illuminati'; yes, the 'Illuminati'; that's it--who are the truly EVIL ones. So, keep on giving us your money; so, as the GOOD guys, we can fight the EVIL 'Illuminati' on your behalf. It is us who will 'save' you from the EVIL 'Illuminati'. Just DO NOT QUESTION what we tell you; or it will be curtains for you. " It is all fear laced propaganda. A believer in Christ has nothing to fear, right? The prophecy is incorruptible. God is incorruptible. So if there is fear and uncertainty about one's future, wouldn't that believer have to then find fault with his/herself while in the throes of revealed truths of conspirator knowledge? This is something I try to point out to those who are desperately hoping God comes back soon and swoops them out of the clutches of the mortal coil. I also try to point this out with my secular tin foil hat aficionados who want to see the government liquidated over night, seemingly content with the strange idea that if we didn't have the current government, all the citizens of the United States would magically agree to common ground overnight and we would not fall into the terrors of civil war. I get to the why of their wishes, and then ask what their fear is all about if they get what they are asking for. Show some faith! But that is when the curtain falls open, and you will almost always get an admission out of them along the lines of,"I do think this is best for our world, but I doubt it will happen in my lifetime." It is all a fantasy, through and through. Something to keep the overburdened going. Something to help these unnecessarily frightened people to find meaning to all they have put on their shoulders in this life. And if you manage to get one of these poor souls to admit their shaky belief, that is when you provide the number of really trustworthy counselor or psychologist, and let your little stressed out human refugee of mind games know that it doesn't have to be all chem trails, Rapture, and the end of the world. Practice some political atheism and common sense. Prioritize what is really important, and please, start realizing where you participate in the games that corrupt organizations play in.
  3. Man, this is really spur of the moment. I've only about 10 minutes to write, so if there are way too many grammatical errors to stomach, please feel free to NOT point them out, because I will not give a flying shit. Some close to me know that I have taken a break from the boards on here, and several other places for that matter, due to the constant same old fat being chewed everyday. I wonder at times when folks are ready to quit purposely frothing at the mouth and actual do something about whatever it is that has an egg up there ass. More often than not, it is the typical tirades about policies of government, and lack of action therein. I see folks going on about how it all needs to just be scrapped. Toss the shit to the wind and start over. I've read others saying the voters' voices are no longer important and big biz now rules the roost. You know the whole saying about he who has all the gold... While I understand and completely agree on some issues, disagree on others, and put up with being labeled, I stand back often and look at what is being passed on person to person. I realize the internet's usefulness is not happening. It isn't gathering folks together to take action. It sometimes gets folks to gather together and have a discussion. More often than not, I read troll like behavior that accomplishes nothing but start up a nasty argument and taint the entire point of the problem. Folks are too busy getting out their spiteful frustrations to slow down and actually find a way to solve the issue. Shit, got five minutes left. What I am getting at, is that this whole extreme of all or nothing that many complain they are sick of the Congress using as a tactic, they in turn use against their fellow Americans who do not agree. I see all this fervor and gusto about civil war coming to us, and secession threats, and "fuck them, they can leave" attitudes. While we laugh at how the religious are desperate to see End Times so that they know their accountability is finally over and they can escape their problems, I see that very same escapist mindset on many of the discussions in here and other supposedly rationally minded boards as of late. I do not know if folks realize that this is the same as religious escapism and I have to burst that bubble. There are NO do overs. I don't understand how we can see the wars raging in Syria, Somalia, Egypt, and more, and still not get the fact that THERE IS NOT MAGIC RESET. These wars I just mentioned are prime examples of people getting what we are screaming for, and now look at them. Rational patience and political atheism needs to be practiced. I understand some social network sites are great sound boards for quick comments and brash statements, but those do not belong in forums where serious discussion is touted. Political doom of one party or all will not give us a fresh start. Frankly, replacing everyone already in office will not do so either. Just like Obamacare, there are many good things are government has done. It is still safe for us to drive home on the highways, statistically speaking. We have safe food, though I agree Monsanto and FDA regulations brings that into more serious light. Overall, we have it good despite our Congress's failings, and to just say "Scrap it" is highly irrational. Improve what you have. You cannot seriously have the desire to start from the ground up like Syria, Egypt, Somalia and more are having to do. Rational thinking. Calm reaction. Improve not destroy. It's tough, but not like a self-fulfilled desire for Armageddon.
  4. What is the difference between Islam's end times and that of Christianity? For the most part, most muslims I know will admit to the required bloodshed to be committed by their own hands, where as Christians only talk about Heaven, and stay away from mentioning the true details of Armageddon. A time when they will be expected to return and slaughter millions on Earth. Either way, I think on both sides of the table, y'all some pretty sick f*cks. I wish my children didn't have to be subjected to this kind of illness. I look at all the propoganda spewing out of Iran at present. The new "secret" video that is to be released to the populace over there reiterating that end times are near and that the Imam Mahdi will make his presence known soon. And then I look at our state. Currently, we conservatism making a come back. And I don't hold too many qualms with some of their issues. Guns and Bibles don't bother me, so long as you aren't holding a gun to my head and are making me read the Bible. Don't get me wrong. I am not asking for religion to be wiped from the face of the Earth. Surprised? How about the fact that I even see a need for religion, but in very small, SECULARIZED doses. You have to understand, our world would be horrible without idol worship because many people feel a need for a higher presence to be “watching” over them in order to feel validated at times. Not everyone can afford a personal therapist that is corporeal in substance. Top that with the fact that there isn't a medication out there yet that can do what religion does. AND most people would rather have an imaginary friend tell them what they want to hear for free.... But then my bubble gets popped, and I am sure you see all the religious agenda on the campaign trail this election season. And I find it upsetting. I see/hear/read many rants and raves against secular people drawing lines in the sand about school prayer banners still being displayed in schools and other public forums. I see people spewing vitriol filled religious speech about gays at soldiers' funerals simply because it is a venue that will get the most attention. And more recently, the military has been quietly sweeping out religious references from their uniforms and battle fields. And I do not have a problem with this. I hear cries from the masses of religious Christians that our country is falling apart and we are losing our moral high ground because of this. Still, last I checked, this has been the most corrupt time in history over the past decade, and the majority rule of Christian fundamentalism has been at the helm. More than that, I think people have forgotten the Cold War and its effect on our nation's take on religion in politics. Christianity was taken and used for propaganda for anti-communist attacks. A great example of that would be our putting the term "One nation, Under God" in to the pledge. The Red Scare was huge and they found so many ways to justify bleeding away the lines of church and state that we eventually just accepted the bias. Now, we are here in the new millennia, realizing that there is no true place for this in our politics. We have seen it demonstrated how letting religious agendas do not mix well in government operations. Just look at Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq and many more. Yet, for some reason, the religious right thinks that this cannot happen here? I think part of that problem is that the Cold War Era recently ended and that generation grew up in this biased political system. They do not comprehend what occurred because they were too young to know. These children experienced the media propaganda blitz with movies like The Robe, The Ten Commandments, and Samson and Delilah. The music industry did its part as well, releasing hits like "He's Got the Whole World in His Hands" (1958), "Somebody Up There Likes Me" (1953), and the like. Even some programs would go so far as to call failures in the Soviet space programs a result of godlessness! Then you had shows like The Catholic Hour, This Is The Life, that would go on about being a good American, good believer, and talk about the "domestic threat" of communism. Sounds familiar doesn't it? These shows emphasized that we were a Christian nation. Not religious, but Christian. Even more disturbing was that the majority of these shows aired on Sunday mornings. Right along side the morning news, thus putting government and church in lockstep with one another. You weren't a Christian if you were a commie! That was the bottom line, and after a harrowing experience with the Nazis and Japan in WWII, people didn't want to fail at being a good Christian. But I digress, my point is that many of these things you see atheist based lawsuits going on about, are from the Cold War Era. Nativity scenes at the Town Hall lawn, school prayer banners, etc. These are remnants of a long ended war, and people are having a hard time letting them go. I really feel that Americans are starting to realize that faith is just that. It is not a political agenda like that of Iran. It is not a means to "fix" our economy. It is a comfort for the soul as it should be. It has no place in our government policy making. I strongly believe supporting Israel is a mistake. They have backstabbed us countless times. They instigate much of the conflict, but not all of it. There is a searing bigoted hatred of the Jewish people in the Middle East. Sadly, the Muslim doctrine does take a stance against them. And that is what blows my mind. We are headed towards the same hardline stance with our own doctrines, and I do not understand how we don't see the madness in this line of thought, especially as individuals.
  5. Everyone is crying about the very "secular liberal lobbyist" movement in Congress. It doesn't exist.....YET. After some of the "fan"mail, I have received from acquaintances on FB, MS, and Yayhoo, I am thinking there is one coming though. Why? Apparently, my posting things I find reflective of my anti-religious views on these sites would be categorized as "militant atheism". But, I feel that since the majority of my government representatives base their policies on idol worship, local hospitals sponsored by churches deny me certain gynecological care based on beliefs I don't observe, and my mailbox gets hit with religious temple's advertisements everyday, I sure has hell have the right to share my thoughts and views where ever I can and NOT be called militant. I get bombarded daily with how inadequate my life is without God by advertisements on television, messages on billboards, and responses people in various communities rail on about when things that don't go their way politically. I get emotionally abused daily by threats of hell fire and failing in life without a God by the aforementioned avenues. Then, I get told that I am being aggressive and abusive for posting videos to JUST MY FB WALL that do not agree and/or laugh at idol worship, when an individual need only turn off my updates on that site. How about I start posting signs in my yard to rival all the Easter banners and Virgin Mary statuettes in my neighbor's yards? I don't. I do have respect. But the religious have the right to express themselves with Jesus Saves icons, God Bless You banners and sermon links on their websites under the 1st ammendment? Even if their content is abusive. Seriously? And I, ME, am considered a MILITANT ATHEIST for posting messages that are devoid of threats? Who're the real Nazis here?
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