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The Abrahamic Death Cults.


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The worst mistake in the history of the planet occurred about 4000 years ago when Abraham, leaving his ancestral homeland in the fertile crescent and heading west toward the limestone hills, thought he heard a voice in his head: "I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse." Genesis 12:3. At that moment, a whole new thought system was born: A thought system in which there is a supremely powerful being named "God" who punishes wrongdoers with no intention of correcting them, but only of destroying them. Abraham imagined that he heard a voice telling him: "I will curse those who curse you," and in those words, a new being sprung into life. A bogey God with his black, insane revenges materialized in the mind of Abraham. Abraham told his wife, and they told their children, and they were all excited for a while, that, although God could be cruel, at least he was partial to Abraham and his family. But, at some point Abraham realized that "A God who curses certain other humans for their wrong is likely also prepared to destroy me for my wrong." And the mental infection of "divine penalties for evil" continues to haunt the human mind today.


First, there was the Judaic Death Cult, seeking the forebearance of divine punishment through animal sacrifices. Then, the linguistic virus metastisized further, and the Christianic Death Cult began, with Paul's anxiety-fueled innovation that Christ bore divine wrath on the cross, and thus justification is by belief in this theology. Finally, in the Arab sands, out of the Judaic and Christianic Death Cults, came Muhammed creating his own Islamic Death Cult and persuading people of it at the end of a scimitar. Muhammed said: "You shall be justified if you worship Allah alone, believe in my prophecies, and follow the Pillars." Ever since that ignorant goat herder Abraham imagined God speaking to him, the whole world has been asking that question: "What must we do to be saved?" Saved from poverty? No. Saved from Tyranny? No. Insanity? No. But "What must we do to be saved from the punishment of the God who made us all?"


As far as analytical viruses go, the Christianic Death Cult is probably more virile than either the Islamic or Judaic Death Cults. Justification according to the Christianic Death Cult requires only one simple grim cognitive rumination at the moment of death, "Christ as God incarnate bore divine wrath on the cross" which, as a cost of pardon, is much cheaper for humans than the forgiveness requirements of either the Islamic or Judaic Death Cults. Thus, in all likelihood the Christianic Death Cult will overwhelm and replace the Islamic Death Cult in plagued human minds. But the Islamic thought parasite shall not be wiped from human minds without first shedding copious amounts of blood.


Meanwhile Lao Tzu (Tao Teh Ching) and Plotinus (Enneads), offer a thought that has been completely ignored by humanity: "Divine punishment is always intended to correct and never destroy its object. Joy and life come as we cooperate synergistically with the divine punishment that the ONE/TAO radiates upon us." But this theology has always been not nearly frightening enough, while at the same time absolutely terrifying. The antidote of Taoism and NeoPlatonism shall never successfully fix Abraham's ancient blunder. Four thousand years from now it will still be with us if it has not managed to exterminate the species by then.


Here is a picture of "The God Warrior," a person infected with and dying of Abraham's virus:



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