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How Can I Prevent/stop Brain-washing?

Guest Sepsis13

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Guest Sepsis13

Hello all,


This is my first post. I am not an ex-Christian but I thought this would be good place to look for some help.


I am recently divorced and my ex-wife has moved herself and our two daughters (10 and 16) into her Mother's home, supposedly so she (my ex) can finish school more easily.


My ex was raised as a Christian but has not been very active in that respect, nor has she gone out of her way to make it a big deal for our children. I fear that this will all change soon. Her Mother is a Born Again Christian and it seems that her mission is to "save" my daughters. She has been telling them all about Christian youth groups she wants to get them in, and how much fun they will have at church, Sunday school, etc.


I am not very concerned with our 16 year old; she is a healthy skeptic and thinks her Grandmother is a bit of an idiot. She is also well aware that Christianity, as we know it, comes from pagan roots (Mithros, etc.) and that the Bible is not the literal word of God.


I am worried about our 10 year old though, it seems my ex-Mother-In-Law is concentrating her efforts mostly on her, and it is having a noticeable effect. This last Christmas she came to visit telling me stories of candy canes being a "J" for Jesus and that the red symbolizes his blood and the white his purity. I tried showing her the Wikipedia page for candy canes but she just replied "I don't care what your computer says." As if I was the one trying to feed her misinformation.


I would appreciate any suggestions on how to handle this. Preferably without seeming like I am attacking her Grandmother (and her beliefs) directly. Are there any books, movies, TV shows... anything, geared towards younger audiences that I can give her? Unfortunately my ex-wife sees no problem with this blatant attempt at brain-washing.


Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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I don't have children, so I don't have advice... but that sucks. To a certain extent, I think that age (10) is susceptible to brain washing and there isn't much one can do about it. There are just certain levels of thinking that brain development doesn't allow at that age. I know that skeptic websites and stores sell stuff for children that foster critical thinking, however, and I am sure that some of the atheist parents on here might have some advice.


Welcome! Keep us posted. I always find things like this very interesting. :)

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That's tough on you....


I think its more powerful on the 10 years particularly the day to day /full on contact with the grandma.


Could you talk about it with your older daughter ...maybe she can look out for her younger sister a bit.?


YOu are right to be concerned - the main objective of the 'born -againer' is to convert the kid - the evilangels as I call the evangelicals - target that age group. They distribute material online to inform people like the grandma - on the best methods.


Its a huge industry .....check out the Barnes Research group to see how they work.


It sounds like your daughter is already rejecting the computer...maybe your own story telling etc. might be taken in better?


Geeze....hard - sounds like the grandma is using the old 'honey' rather than lemon trick. (see positive reinforcements ...to teach)...use the same technique.


make your stories really fun......just like grandma's.

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Kids are amazingly open to logical arguments at that age.

I'd pull no punches and explain that Christianity is a cult that uses fear of hell as a tool to manipulate.

I think you are going to have to attack granma's beliefs. No way around it.

It would be a lot easier if you were an ex-christian yourself, as going through the process of seeing that untrue thing for what it is as a former believer simply gives you an amazing amount of insight into how it all works, but in your position, I'd ask your daughter some simple/tough questions.

And not at all hide the fact that granma is a member of an illogical cult that actively seeks to brainwash people her age.

It doesn't make granma herself bad, but it's the truth.


And I like the idea of enlisting the 16 year old's help.

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