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My Adventures In California

08 hawk

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So, my mom and I just got back from a 10-day trip in California to visit our cousins. If you were ever around my mom's cousin, Sabrina, for a day or two, the first thing that might come to your mind it that she is a Jesus Freak. (She prays to Jesus to keep us safe in the car, she really 'loses herself' whenever we had to go to her church on Sunday, she is a member of a Christian softball team, she won't see Brokeback Mountain just becuase it has gay guys in it, she watches those shows with Kirk Carmeron, whenever she sees a girl with a smaller dress on and posing, she claims it's nasty)


End of that.


On the night of their softball game, I had to listen to their coach, 'Mr Johnny McReverend' preach all of these hateful things to us like homoseuality is a sin and you could see Sabrina just nodding along to that. What a brainwasher. :ugh:

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