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Your Way

Guest Shiva H. Vishnu

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Guest Shiva H. Vishnu

in threadbare socks

with holy toes

i dance the street

these sailing rows

of thudding feet

do part the waves

of warm concrete

and beauty paves

entombs complete

these heads like rocks


all braids and beard

and sun-tight skin

i seek the spot

to my chagrin

where sun is not

but in it's place

the day has brought

the hungry face

that I forgot

but once had feared


in time the day

will eat itself

to purify

a moments wealth

but still will i


do less than try

to clearly see

your love-lit eye

your narrow way

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In that hard man, there beats a tragic poet's heart. :P


You show some potiental as a poet. Keep it up!

Don't forget the © 2006 Shiva line under the title, though. You never know.

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Guest Shiva H. Vishnu

I was looking through junk tonight and found the notebook I used to write in on my luchbreak from temping at law firms in Manhattan. I only wrote a couple of songs in the year or so I was there, but i wrote the most retarded, self-indulgent poetry everyday just to keep myself sane. Yes, self indulgence can keep you sane, but only in the bleakest of social landscapes.


This should explain the explosion of cheesy amateur poetry on the board this evening. I write songs all the time, but I feel like a mungbean just posting song lyrics. They're a severely limited picture, at best.

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