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A Sad Story


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Everytime i get a newsletter from this site of a new user subscription and i read their testimony, a lotta times i feel like crying cause we no what they went through and going through. My heart really goes out to the new comers. The doubting / leaving christianity is such a painful thing. Some of us even tried to commit suicide believing in the possibility of going to hell.


Where would i have been if i didnt meet u guys on this sight.We would be finished. Maby dead or in a mental institution locked away some where. U can be so dont but after reading a couple of posts you receive the strength to go on. I remember when i got here, i was so broken. But thanks to u guys i can now get up most of the mornings being ok. I can truely call you guys my family. U's are there when there's no one else to talk to. Thanks guys

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