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"kids Are Drawn To The Supernatural Like A Moth To The Light. Use Their Hunger To Teach Them How To Heal The Sick"


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from http://kidsinministry.com/index.html


They are so proud of it ......?


Jesus Camp...Day one...img22.jpg

the second night of CAMP was even more "electric'




They even made a movie.............

"For the last year Kids in Ministry International and it's camps and conferences have been the focus of a documentary film by a secular film company in New York. The movie, shown for the first time the end of April, is already the subject of heated debate among some liberals."


you can watch an excerp here...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fTscmx3q5Z4


Do christian parents/family like to see this kind of thing happening to their kids...? Pentecostal are extreme but from what I read...all denominations are into teaching kids ...or brainwashing them.


(its disgusting imo)

What do christian parents do for their kids...? To help them recover from that shit.?

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:eek: Wow, that is insane. That is truly brainwashing at it's best (worst?).

Growing up in the church, I didn't really go to anything that intense. Sure, they fucked with our emotions, but that is what church is all about. I just had to sit through those stupid "rock" songs, lead by the "hip and with it" 40 guy on electric guitar, and some dumbass telling a story: "And then, like, Jesus like totally came into my, like, heart, and I was, like, totally going to follow him for like ever" followed by the "like" riddle prayer. And to think, I had it good. :twitch:

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What do Christian parents do for their kids to help them recover... wha?


Christian parents push this stuff because they love their kids.


They don't help the kids recover.


Recover from what...sin?



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So lets get this straight dude...."they don't help their kids ...."


So is why there are so many fuckedup ex christian's around... :wicked: (speaking for myself as well here)


What about the poor kid who doesn't perform on comand like these kids? How do the christian parent know the difference between ...'slayin in the spirit'...and mental anquish....or a victim of abuse?


or is this another stupid question....come on christian's I'm looking for your opinion here.


alternatively...what about recovering ex christian's ...what happens to the kids in the family. Ya hear heaps and heaps about the adult recovery...what about the kids?


As a kid...what 'help' was available to you?.....(me - nothing, another stupid question)

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Are you smoking that white cat in your avatar?


Why are there so many fucked up Christian's around, when 'they' (Christian parents) don't help their kids? You did read your own question, right?


Oh, and I have to say, that parents don't know. Any unusual activity from the child, any sissified weakness, any sudden emotional outbursts, any strong episodes where the child exibits mastery by force; is a clear sign of holiness according to Jesus.


We could have used a Maury Povich back then, but who knew?

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Why are there so many fucked up Christian's around, when 'they' (Christian parents) don't help their kids?


Yeah....its a truism.

You could say that within the christian family....unwellness (to be kind) is passed along from one generation to another.

Do we have a 65% (roughly) of the USA's population living and making decisions in a state of deep familial 'unwellness'?


Thats the conclusion isn't it? Horrifying state of affairs, for the entire planet.


From my experiences...parents don't see religion as something they need to protect their children from - even after they deconvert. This question needs to be asked....why is this the situation - why put your kids through something that you have given up or found to be 'unhealthy' or risky.


The parents are sissified adults ( seemingly unable to think independently but need the stucture of church in order to contain and bring up their kids. Yeah?




I don't smoke....but yes...my questions are incredibly simple and seemly self explanitary or unnecessary.


But that's what a kid might well be thinking....'why aren't you helping me Dad'?


I'm also pretty much convinced that not all parents are so 'faithful' - 100% believer's that they can't see their kids suffering. COme on! Lukewarmer's stand up!


What about the various Pastor's we read about who have 'questioned' their faith ...and we hear for quite sometime. DOn't they have a responsibility to the kids. Don't they recognise the facial expressions of fear, confusion, distress etc.


It pisses me off that the whole deal of the kids - is brushed off as being part of the christianity experience of adults.


Also...that people (chrisitan's or ex christian's) claim ignorance. "they didn't know'........... I don't buy it!

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Oh no my precious thread!!! I can't believe you took it



:) j/k it died a while ago


:HaHa: TOOK IT!???


Get outta here...!


Who reads everybloody thread ?


Okay....deadthread :shrug:

Who cares!

The entire web gets recycled on a day to day basis.

then you hear it on the teevee news .......gawd.

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I was being sarcastic. Christian parents that would send their kids to a camp like that, or a church like that for that matter, don't do anything to help their kids, because they think it's 'good for them'.


I thinks it's worse than disgusting, myself. I'm all for freedom of religion, but that shouldn't mean freedom to abuse your kids anymore than it gives the 'grown-up' religious people freedom to abuse their neighbors, whether next door or in another country.

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