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The Duds

Guest Shiva H. Vishnu

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Guest Shiva H. Vishnu

They were The Duds, and theirs was the day

Turds among studs, the folk thought them gay

And built them a box of yellow and brown

For hiding their cocks, dividing the town

On what's to be done 'bout their public gyrations

Their butts hid the sun and affected menstruations

Some thought a noose at high noon was in order

Others said "Pimp 'em out, two for a quarter"

But The Duds were unmoved, and rotund with delight

Having puds that were grooved and could rotate all night

And in time they took wives, to the glee of the town

Each was rife with pink hives and weighed three hundred pounds

So The Duds spent their days surfing slippery lard


And pulling their greys


And tending the yard.




You know that's the best poem you've ever read. Don't lie to YOURSELF! This is only the first of my "Movie Concessio Poems." You ready for another? I didn't think so. Here it goes.

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Dude, when you told me about this poem, I thought you were directing me here for another reason. :lmao:


Oh shit.... :lmao:

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