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So I'm thinking about writing and producing a short film about atheism. I've actually been throwing movie ideas (non-atheist) back and forth for a while now and it dawned on me that an atheist flick might be a good idea.


I kind of want to trace the deconversion from christian to atheist and the journey that the character takes and the advice from people along the way for both sides. I don't want it to be a big christian bash fest.


I eally don't have a plot or story yet, maybe I don't even need one but what I want from you guys is maybe specific situations that arose from christian friends and family that I could use.





Also the inspiration from this came when I was perusing a filmmakers forum someone posted there web shot sitcom about teenagers struggle through high school trying to keep thier christian beliefs evident. The message of the show suggested that christians were the minority of course and always shows them as a persecuted group. My script would sort of be in response to that school of thought as well as dispelling misconceptions about atheists and what our supposed stereotypes are.


Any help?

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