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Christian Group (nz) In 'trouble' Over Smacking Manual - "written For The Christian Audience"


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Typical shit coming from the christian - everytime the word 'FAMILY' appears you can bet on it being absolute disgusting horrible stuff ....I betting this 'pamphet' has been distributed among all the fundy/revival groups around the place...including the mainland of Australia. From my experience..& reading etc. the different denominations buy their teaching material etc. from the same warehouse or information distributor. ie. AnswerinGenisis. They don't have a brain between them....the pastor, for example is not likely to be concerned about PLAGERISM or using resources brought over the net or shit recycled over & over throughout the various fundy groups.


anyway...here's the latest recycled stuff...


A Christian group urging parents to smack their children, using discipline sessions lasting up to 15 minutes, has been accused of promoting what amounts to child abuse.




The group has produced a controversial eight-page booklet on how to use physical punishment under the present law.


Parents are told that smacking can be a "10-to-15-minute process" and that if a child reacts angrily, such as by slamming doors or "pouting", they should be smacked again.


"Smacking is meant to drive the foolishness, the sinful manifestations, out of the child's personality so that they do not become permanent fixtures," it says



Smacking is justified because children younger than age eight "do not think straight" and lack a developed sense of fair play and duty.


The booklet, written by Craig Smith, says the Bible and section 59 of the Crimes Act allow parents to use reasonable force to discipline their children.


Mr Smith said last night the brochure was written for a Christian audience and outlined the biblical philosophy of child punishment. Many Christians did not want to see smacking banned as that would take away parental authority, but he conceded the brochure would appear as "total nonsense" to non-Christians.


Well ...after a little more webbing it wasn't really all that difficult to find that I was right in my guess..........."Family Integrity" have very close connection to the US and have set up a company known as the "Home Education Foundation'......part of the "Home School" movement.


"Craig Steven Smith, 55, was born in Sanger, California, and grew up on a wine vineyard near Fresno. He was educated at Sanger High School and University of California, Fresno. He has a BA in Social Policy from Massey University.


Craig immigrated to New Zealand in 1973, worked for the National Airways Corporation and Air New Zealand for nine years, was the Rawleighs Man for Palmerston North for 13 years, and in 1998 went full-time with the Home Education Foundation (a charitable trust).


He founded Family Integrity to combat state intrusion into families a year before Bradford's Bill to repeal Section 59 of the Crimes Act 1961. He an his wife Barbara have six children. For more details see: www.familyintegrity.org and www.hef.org.nz"




Also....there are connections with defrocked Presbyterian preacher R.C. Sproul Jr.


In Australia we tend to get the worst of the christian material - its one of the best/worst imports.!

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Yeah, my good country's a bit mad around the edges, lol!

No harsh smacking for me, please.

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:ugh: WTF do they think they are doing???!!!!


Jeeze...who can know the mind of a fundie .....(except a fundy)


It looks like the couple have set themselves up to oppose the law regarding childrens rights.


to quote their homepage...."Family Integrity is opposed to unjustifiable government interference in family matters.

Our objective is to keep the government out of where it does not belong in order to preserve and protect each family's personal integrity."



Basically it would mean fundies would be able to beat the crap out of their kids....


Its another case of the Christian becoming political....


check this out...


Our organisation's focus at present is the bill to repeal Section 59, the above-mentioned Crimes

Amendment Bill.


"This bill to repeal Section 59 of the Crimes Act puts parental authority at stake!

Submissions to Parliament's Justice and Electoral Select Committee on the bill closed on 28 February 2006. This committee received 1712 submissions, with around 300 requesting to appear before the committee to speak to their submission. It is due to report back to Parliament by 31 October. "





The Craigs have 8 children...

I have a bit of a problem swallowing how all of them are so happy..that they must advertise it by blogging their hearts out...

photo from one of the kids...



okay..... :shrug: it pisses me off that christians want the world to change to fit them.


oh & that CHILDRENS RIGHTS are at stake.!

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Does anyone else think ritualised spanking borders on sexual abuse? Ritualised spanking, eh, a sure way to raise a generation of hardcore S&Mers.


(not that I'm complaining) :wicked:

Christianity is sooo S&M, anyway.

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That's horrible! Why does it seem like it borders on rape? Ya know, the typical power-trip bits to it, the need to win, the need for absolute control, the need to "break the spirit". It IS child abuse, no two ways around it.


I would love to see a group of child abusers like that get a nice public flogging, maybe even with some bamboo sticks.


Grrr! It just makes me sick that a parent could be willing to do that to their child!

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