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For those of you who don't know, a giant storm ripped across the St. Louis area a couple nights ago. It's the biggest power outage the local power company (Ameren) has dealt with in its history. Of course this also happened in the middle of July when the temperature is a pleasant hundred-plus degrees and heat indeces around 112, so no air conditioning.


After the first night we had to throw away everything in the fridge. At least dozens, perhaps a hundred, of dollars worth of food, spoiled. I'm afraid to eat any meat that's still in the freezer. Had to spend the last two nights with my unbelievably snoring parents (Sweet Jesus, I think I've come across chainsaws ripping through metal that I could've slept through better) in the leaking, dirty basement on an air mattress, without any sort of cold drink in sight. Any trip upstairs meant being confronted by a house transformed into a broiler oven. It was so hot out that opening the windows actually made it worse.


We could've had it a lot worse, I realize; I remember being in Florida a couple years ago when Frances and Ivan were passing through. We were on vacation and every Orlando resident we met who learned of our vacation plans believed us to be absolutely insane. Of course, we were. But we talked to a lady behind the bakery counter at the posh and costly tourist grocery store, who told us she knew of people who wouldn't be getting any power until November (this was in September).

I got woken up by the phone this morning, the first indication of power back on, and I feel like the world has lifted a weight off my shoulders. I don't know what to do first - lie down under a ceiling fan, play Nintendo, surf around the net, or pick up the house after a couple days of stumbling around in the dark and it being too warm to bother keeping it neat.

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Oh man Sage, I'm sorry you had to go through that. That sucks to the nth degree and I don't want to know how many people got sent to the hospital for heat stroke. *shudders*


I'm dealing with 93 degree weather at the moment. My room is on the southwest corner of the house and almost no way to vent the heat because the one window that does open is tiny and there is almost no air circulation in this room. Right now is when the sun is beating it's hardest on this corner of the house. It can get over 100 degrees in my room easily. I went out this morning and bought myself a reflective sun visor for a car then put it up outside my window. So far it's working really well to keep the heat out. It's still bloody hot, but I'm not dying here.


Stay under the ceiling fan and stay cool!

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