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Guest Shiva H. Vishnu

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Guest Shiva H. Vishnu

we pay

like sinners crackling

on the coals of hell

we empty our pockets

at the prodding of time

and the peeling of scabs


we protest

and prevail

until the shadow

of the looming cloud

touches even the backs of our eyes


and we know

that the light we've seen

since the first wet splitting

of our lids

is more real

than any lust

or pain

or need


and all we've ever

really owned

is a


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Hey Jeremy, I checked out your myspace and checked out your music. Its pretty darn good, I liked "As Life goes by" and I hope we get to hear more of your stuff, you have a good voice for music as well. :)

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Guest Shiva H. Vishnu

I'm too white for my own damned good. I'm like a fucking Osmond and this fact will probablt be the catalyst that sets in motion the chain of my demise. It's hard to care about life when the best you can do is sound like an osmond.

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