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The Demiurge Misbehaves

Guest Glass*Soul

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Guest Glass*Soul

Here?s some fun. I believe

I shall make myself Eve,

My hand to the peach

And my mouth to the breach.

I can?t stand timidity

Much less complacency.

I?m leaving this garden.

I?m over the wall.


A world for my trouble?

I?ll shuck it and swallow

Down birthing and dying

And kisses and tears.

A sword tilting angel?

He doesn?t know squat.

I like being naked

Libido red hot.


I?ll put on the cauldron

And deal with my witchiness,

Throw in some saintliness

Meekness and bitchiness,

Some unanswered questions,

A good deal of scoffing,

And dance to a song

That the angels don?t know.


And what shall I pull out?

A fine brace of opposites

Squirming and mewling

And wanting the breast.

So suckle my darlings.

Gulp down intuition.

Just look at me babies

And guess who I am.


I?ll force you together

Your synapses crackling.

Jump back guardian angel,

Your sword is no good.

A universe BANG!!

In the palm of my hand.

God Damn! I believe

I shall make myself Eve.

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Guest Glass*Soul

You know, I find that both Christians and non-Christians tend to dislike my poetry equally.


OK. I promise not to reply to my own topic again! :) I don't want to be banned before I get my post count up to 10. :D

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Actually, I liked it... but I'm not a poetry expert so I thought if I said anything it wouldn't mean anything anyway.


Welcome to the site, honestly! Sorry your post got overlooked. I like your screenname. :)

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