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Skipping Ahead


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For those of you who browse the bizarre, psychotic postings of fundy xians, whether here or elsewhere, I'm sure many times you read a xian's long, self-righteous post, and got to the end only to realize it had no worthwhile content whatsoever. And I'm sure, having done so, you stronly lamented the time ill-spent. If only, you probaby asked yourself, there were some way to know if a xian post should be skipped. Well, my friends, there is. Xians, being a dogmatic and staid bunch, are fond of certain words and phrases, which serve them in leiu (my kingdom for a spellcheck) of actual discourse. By recognizing the words and phrases by which a xian says "My mind is closed to all but my own opinions", one can know when to skip ahead and save some irreplacable minutes of your life.


For instance, upon seeing the words "Unregenerate man" or the phrase "athiests deny God because they don't want to be held accountable by him", you should feel quite free to skip the rest of the post, secure in the knowledge that there is nothing there worth reading.


I will add to this list as I encounter more such warning phrases. As I know my fellow athiests are ladies and gentlemen of experience and intelligence, I invite any of you to contribe to this listing.


Good day, and may we not waste too much time reading bloody rubbish.

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