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This Is Downright Frightening


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According to one of the earlier books of the Bible, Moses (speaking for biblegod) istructs all Israelites to kill any member of their family that tries to lead them astray from biblegod or toward any other god. In a debate I was having with a Christian, I asked him if he lived in those days, would he kill his own mother if she enticed him away from biblegod. This was the response:



Remember the Omni-Traits that God has.







All- Powerful




If God's voice was in my head and he showed himself before me in anyway shape or form... I would be astonished.


With that I would 100% establish his existience because he showed himself before me.


Now I have established his existence... he has all three of those traits. I recognize those traits and realize that my creator stands above anything and everything that I ever knew.


He is the most important thing in my life right now... so if he showed himself to me now it would only enhance my loyalty to him.


In accordance if he told me those exact words about people trying to drag people into an eternal hell.... by leading people astray to false God's.



You damn well better recognize that I would be the first person to execute judgement, death or assassination onto an evil person with the permission of my Omni -Trait Lord in Heaven.



I would put aside my feelings and slay my mother, brother, sister or wife....because with her death I would save thousands of people from the damnation of Hell.


I would not question his reasoning behind the order of death to my mother.... because I already recognize his omni-traits....


In perfect order with why I would honestly enjoy the death of every single child ever born in this world... If this was commanded by God.


The moment they leave the womb.. instant death... I would sit here and be satisfied that this would be the last generation of immorality and I would smile with every child that died because I know that when any child dies they go directly to heaven...


Free from this sick infested world.... straight into the arms of grace forever.


The death of a child brings sadness to the world.. but once I put aside my feelings of "missing" him or her.. one can realize the ultimate happiness with what had just happened.


But anyways.... I indeed would be the righteous seed who would extract death upon any who risked damnation to thousands of people if my God permitted me too.





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The sad thing is that his reasoning makes sense only because I probably would have had a similar answer at one point when I was a Christian.

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What is he waiting for? God commanded it in the bible, and there's plenty of "evildoers" out there to slay. Why isn't he out there slaying evildoers? With his reasoning of "saving thousands from eternal damnation", it's imperative that he start his mission RIGHT NOW!!

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What is he waiting for? God commanded it in the bible, and there's plenty of "evildoers" out there to slay. Why isn't he out there slaying evildoers? With his reasoning of "saving thousands from eternal damnation", it's imperative that he start his mission RIGHT NOW!!



Shit, HuaiDan - don't give the guy any ideas! We're all just lucky the voices aren't loud enough for him to hear... :eek:

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Yeah yeah I knew somebody would say that. :P I really doubt he's reading though.


I'm just trying to point out this guy doesn't have all the faith he claims to have. He's all lip service. If he truly believed, he would put his money where his mouth is, doing god's will until the SWAT team presented him with his final reward in the form of, as Nivek would say, a ballistics party.

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So, I'm still not quite clear on what his answer was.


Was it yes or no?






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In my mind, despite all his lip service, his answer is clearly "no." It should be obvious that he would take out a stranger who is a n abomination in the eyes of god before he would a family member, and there's plenty of those.

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Gave him a chance to "come again" with his response and got this:


And what would you do... Not kill your mother and let thousands of people go to hell?


I'd kill myself if I knew it could save 2 people... and even if these people were die hard Bible haters.


Well, read over what I just wrote again....



IF in fact in real life God revealed himself to you... and with that proved everything ever written in the Bible to be true would you honestly not listen to him and let thousands of people go to Hell?


You would not kill your mother and let thousands of people burn in hell......?




That sickens me if someone would not do it. This discussion is not a matter of feelings for a family member.. this is for the eternal lief of thousands of people....




I don't understand... why I would need to seek help if I want to save thousands of people and an All-Knowing, All-Good being that created the universe told me this....


Am I stupid to listen to his Omni command?


Someone then asked him if he would be one of the 9/11 hijackers and he had this to say:



First off they were merely "Convinced" by human people that this was true so therefore it has no clarification to what was just stated.



Read my statement again and it says "If God Revealed Himself To Me Truly In Real Life"


It is then I would do the things he asked.



I wouldn't be a person who crashes planes into a building because I don't fall for false teaching by a God that does not exist.

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We could ask ourselves that question: What would we be willing to do if god, undeniably presented himself to us and commanded us to do his bidding. Out side of the scope of " How would we know it was god?" This is a given. We know it's god, and he presents himself to us. In such a case, if he chose not to control us limb by limb, gave us free will, and say, "Go, my creation, and smite thy mother and thy father, so that others may not perish but have everlasting life."


What would you do? Good point.

In essence, if you knew the god of the bible to be true, verified in front of your very eyes without a shadow of a doubt, would you still question his motives as much as you question his existence now, or would you question more?

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Ok, so let me try and paraphrase what this guy is saying: Hypothetically god asks me to kill my mother to save 1000 from going to hell. Right?


Ok, so xians believe that god intervening directly takes away free will, but that same god is willing and sometimes does, intervene indirectly by ordering the death of one to save the many.


Based on this fucked up logic, how is the direct intervention any different from the indirect intervention?


In other words, why couldn't god just stop the 1000 from going to hell by direct action on his part? Why does he need to get one of his goombas to act on his behalf to commit a heinous crime to save those 1000 that he could have saved simply by making it so?


Christian logic = the most blatant oxymoron I've encountered.

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Had opportunity not to long ago to be in a discussion with a numbnuts who made similar claim.


Told him simply that if he had n ounce of courage and conviction given him by god "he could come start with me and hacinendaFatman".


This was after days of blowing his gods horn about "deth2ebbiledoeingathfwiesths" and assorted tripe, hard core bullshit about how he'd be the Sword of gohwd! and do daLardes work...


Gave the Boards Mod my address, phone number and times I'd be here so nutter could come on over and start his lards work..


Told Dummy to contact said Mod for info and make an appointment, as I'd hate for him to waste is time and not find we ebbile doers home to burn out and kill the bodies of..


Kinda funny, pissant took leave of Board and enviroment, I've not seen him since.

He isn't buried in my back yard, he never showed, unless he got here and BearClonka ate him first..


Blowhard assholes for the most part. I don't fear those who *say* they will *do something*, it is those who are in place and willing/waiting to do so that scare shit out of me..


Talk is cheap, let the board.warriors shoot their collective wads all over their keyboards, it may be the only fun they get, trying to scare people..



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Gah, this guy is sick for even SAYING something like this....and christians wonder why I think that their believe system is bad for society, or why I don't want anything to do with jerks like this guy.


If I ever have kids I'll make damn sure I know the parents of all of their friends so my kids don't end up around nut jobs like this guy.

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