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Mathematical Morality

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Yes, G-d is both at once, and neither.

The classic mystical marriage.


Now, your claim seems to be that "evil" trumps good, and so G-d being "all good" and "all evil" is actually characteristically "evil." I hope I haven't misrepresented you.


But let us turn this into a mathematical equation:

Let [+3] represent Good, and let [-3] represent Evil.


[+3] and [-3] is [0].


If G-d is all Good and Evil, then G-d is neither.


The H.


Posted by The Huntsman on Wednesday, August 09, 2006 at 2:01 PM




I see the logic behind your mathematical equation, but again, it doesn't fly. The morality behind a being's behavior cannot be solved so simply. By your logic, hypothetically, of course, if a serial killer were to match his evil deeds with good deeds he'd be neither good nor bad. This is where emotions, in addition to logic, help us make a proper decision where simple mathematics fail. Through this combination of systems I can judge the fictional character of Yahweh to be evil.


I see another flaw in your mathematical reasoning. You assume that good and evil will have the same value. You arbitrarily assign a random number and assume that settles the matter. I disagree. Different acts of of good and evil would have entirely different values. Creating evil from scratch (Malevolent Design), for example, such a malaria, cancer or parasites, would carry a tremendous numerical weight -- and this would be compounded by how many people these MD artifacts were to harm! Designing in flaws in animal bodies such as ours would be another set of large numerical values of evil. If the flaws are just incompetence (Incompetent Design) then the values would go down, though. Look at the universe. Here we have even more MD! We have comets and asteroids ready to slam into our planet and wipe out 99% of life -- again. We have a sun that will eventually swell up, engulf the Earth and destroy our home planet. Before that it sends us dangerous rays that burn our skin and give us skin cancer. The list could go on and on. Point is, emotionally and numerically, the evil would weigh much more than the good.


Posted by Reverend AtheiStar on Thursday, August 10, 2006 at 9:34 PM

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