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Witch Trials

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A random thought popped into my head earlier. I wonder how many Christians today believe that there was unquestionably real ‘Satan worshipping witches’ caught and burnt during the witch trials.


I mean, I know a lot of Christians believe that witchcraft and magick are real…I mean, come on…look at their reactions toward Harry Potter. :rolleyes:


And if they believe that some real Satan worshipping witches were caught, do they feel right about it? Morally and ethically, was it right for the church to burn Satan worshippers?


I wonder how many Christians still feel like the church should burn modern witches.

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the fundies i grew up with often talked about burning witches or stoning false prophets and sometimes they staged rallies where they burned items they deemed occultic, like books and heavy metal music. but they would never go through with actually killing peope because that would be criminal. Surprisingly, in my fundy baptist high school we looked at the Puritans as being overly legalistic and tyrannical. We admired their "city on a hill" ambition but were taught that the historical reality of it all was hypocritical. I think they would rather preach at witches continually and let "god" deal with them thanatologically. "Spiritual Warfare" is probably as bad as it would get in most cases today.

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