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Great Atheist Videos


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I saw this over on About.com and am replicating it here. It's a great list.


- Atheist (important because it was featured on the YouTube home page for a day before being pulled. Let's look at the bright side - it lasted for a day).


- Proving that the Bible is repulsive (shows just how ridiculous this book really is)


- Why do Atheists care about Religion? (Says what every atheist has wanted to say)


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SzHlMs2rSIM - George Carlin on religion (the classic skit - flat out funny)


- Proving that prayer is superstition (demonstrates the delusion of prayer)


- Proving that God's Plan is impossible (puts Rick Warren in his place)


As we start spreading these around to fellow atheists, and as more atheists start producing videos, perhaps the momentum will build.

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