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God Analogies


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I compare God to Adlof Hitler. I think they would be a good team because it is basically the same principal here.


First the comparing of the two...


1. God accepts only "certain" people / Hitler only accepts Nazis.


2. If you don't believe in God well you will be put in the eternal pressure cooker/ Hitler if you are Jew you wll suffer and probably die for not being a certain type of race.


3. Jeezus Christ was followed by many/ Hitler was a leader followed by many


4. Christians create hate against non belivers, gays, woman / Hitler created hate against Jews


5. Christians use propoganda ( Focus on the Family) / Nazis used propganda


( Feel free to add more to this if you come up with anything.)



Now you see this example of the two Hitler and God


Another example is...


God- ( holds gun to your head)- LOVE ME I AM REAL

People- Ok...ok...just don't shoot me I want to live


There is no true love there and all Christians want is to be saved from Hell. There is no true love in it. It is Christians own selfishness.




Now I hope this thread stays alive...I want to hear your analogys.

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a slam dunk... yeah, but Santa Claus


1. obsessed with who's naughty or nice


2. omniscient


3. gives good things to good people and gives shit to bad people, enforces morality... (i dunno, does Santa ever "forgive" anybody?)


4. lives in a secret location


5. makin a list and checkin it twice = "the book of life"


6. can do miracles/impossible


7. reindeer/elves do santa's transportation/work, God has angels


8. eternal... why aren't there stories about the "birth of Santa"


9. anthropomorphic

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