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--Humanist Network News #9


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In this month's podcast we talk about same sex marriage,stem-cell research, human cloning and the "Republican War onScience." We also have a review of the TV show "Psych." JesConstantine joins Duncan Crary to host the show.

Segment 1: Same for Everyone

Interview: Host Duncan Crary speaks withJudy Disco about same-sex marriage in New York. Judy has been in a committed same sexrelationship for 18 years.

End. 9:19

Musical Interlude: "LoveRevolution" by All Mighty Whispers

Segment 2:  The Free Thought Lobby in Washington

Interview: Host Duncan Crary speaks with LoriLipman Brown, Secular Coalition for America Lobbyist about same-sex marriageand stem-cell research policies in Washington.

End 21:41

Musical Interlude: "If EverybodyLoved the Blues (There Wouldn't Be No War) by Mean Gene Kelton.

Segment 3: Listener CommentsAn HNN listener shares his thoughts about the program.

End: 26:20

Musical Interlude: "Bouncing to the Morgue" by Devin Anderson.

Segment 4: The Republican War on Science

Interview: Host Duncan Crary speaks with Chris Mooney, author of The Republican War on Science.Mooney's book details efforts by the current Republican administrationto undermine, abuse and misuse science in public policy.

End. 47:26

Segment 5: Would Human Clones be Human?

Interview: Host Duncan Crary speaks with Dr. Ana Lita, directorof the IHEU Appignani Bioethics Center, about the ethics of cloninghumans.

End. 54:57

Musical Interlude: "Pop Science" by Devin Anderson.

Segment 6: Psych!

Review Cartoonist Jeff Swenson (Freethunk!) reviews "Psyche", a television show airing on the USA network.

End 1:06:02


Capital District Gay and Lesbian Council | Secular Coalition for America | The Republican War on Science | Psyche | HollyNear.com

Call the HNN listener Comment line: 206-339-4168 or "Skype" us at hnn_editor

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