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--Humanist Network News #8


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In this month's podcast we invite a lawyer, a comedian and awhole bunch of superheroes on our show.  We also say goodbye and wish good luck tohumanist lobbyist Tim Gordinier.

Segment 1: Newdow,God & the Constitution


Interview: ElaineFriedman, HNN ezine editor, interviews Michael Newdow about his lawsuits toremove the word "God" from U.S. Pledge of Allegiance and currency.

End 8:03


Musical Interlude:"Waiting for Rain" by Sirsy.

Segment 2: Allfor A Laugh


Humor Essay:Jamila Bey gives a dramatic reading of her humorous "Gospel ofJudas."

End 14:22


Interview: HostDuncan Crary speaks with comedian, on air personality and journalist, JamilaBey about being an atheist black female comedian.

End 30:26


Musical Interlude:"Heaven is Full of Assholes," by John Whipple.

Segment 3: Superheroesand Religion


Interview: Did youknow that Superman is a Christian? The Thing is Jewish? Wolverine is anatheist. And Mr. Fantastic is a humanist? Host Duncan Crary speaks with PrestonHunter who has researched the religious affiliations of superheroes for thewebsite www.ComicBookReligion.com.

End: 53:50


Musical Interlude:"Waiting for Superman" by Rich Reich.

Segment 4: We BidThee Farewell


Interview: TimGordinier, Ph.D., has served as public policy director and lobbyist for theInstitute for Humanist Studies for four years. Last week was his last day onthe job. Gordinier will be taking a tenure track professor position this Fall.Host Duncan Crary says good bye to valuable member of the secular community.

End 60:28



Michael Newdow's website | Secular Coalition for America | JamilaBey's blog | I Am Bored | Adherents.com | ComicBookReligion.com | HollyNear.com


Call the HNN listenerComment line: 206-339-4168


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