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--Humanist Network News #7


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Today's program focuses on a single story. A humanist recountshis time spent observing the religious right as a fully embedded member of theChristian Coalition. 

Intro:  Love Thy Enemy

Just howfar would you go to keep an eye on your enemy? Larry Jones, president of the Institute for Humanist Studies served nearly four years as a co-leader of alocal chapter of the Christian Coalition. A second generation atheist andtenured humanist, Jones was embedded with the Christian Coalition in order to help a watchdogorganization identify "stealth" Christian Coalition school boardcandidates. 

End 4:22 

Musical Interlude:"Shooting Up Jesus, Tycoon Machete, Plug and Play Messiah

Segment 1:  Taking Cover 

Interview: From 1984to 2001, Skipp Porteous ran the Institute for First Amendment Studies, awatchdog organization that monitored the activities of the Christian Coalition,an anti gay rights, anti abortion,  rightwing fundamentalist Christian political organization. Larry agrees to helpPorteous observe the Coalition.

Jones starts of chapter of the Christian Coalition, joins achurch and establishes his cover. 

End 16:10

Musical Interlude:"Evangelicals," by Tyler Riggs. Album: Bedrooms Are for Singing

Segment 2: Meetthe President

As a local Christian Coalition chapter president, Jones joinsa church, edits the a monthly Christian newsletter and establishes his credentialsamong the state Christian Coalition caucus. Eventually he meets Pat Robertsonand George H. Bush. He also gains the respect of other "moles" embeddedwith the Christian coalition. 

End 37: 30

Musical Interlude:"Jehovah," by Jacques Grant & Rewired. Album: Here I am Worship

Segment 3: TopSecret

Larry attends a top secret meeting of leaders from thereligious right. The national Christian Coalition starts to decline. Trouble ariseson the local front. Larry discusses the ethics of going undercover, and the lessonshe learned.  

End: 51:21 

Musical Interlude: "Christians," by Addek. Album:Rise 2 Power

Conclusion: Sowhat happened to the Christian Coalition and the Institute for First AmendmentStudies? 

End 57:21


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