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--Humanist Network News #5


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Segment 1:

Interview: Alison Bates, campus organizer of the Secular Student Alliance, speaks with host Duncan Crary. The Secular Student Alliance promotes freethought and secularism among college and high school students. Alison, 25, works to provide support to more than 50 student groups in more than 8 countries.

Interview: Host Duncan Crary speaks with Judd Krasher, a high school senior who recently completed a public policy internship at the Institute for Humanist Studies. Judd shares his perspectives on politics, religion, and the priorities and attitudes of America's youth.

Interview: Sara Habib, women's studies intern at the Institute for Humanist Studies, speaks to host Duncan Crary about her student research on female genital mutilation and on the oppressive effects of religion on women. Sara is a University at Albany senior.

Listener Comments: HNN listeners share their opinions on the developing story of Hemant Mehta, the 22-year-old eBay Atheist."

Musical Interlude: "The Ballad of Timothy Leary," by Phillip Flathead.

Segment 2:

Interview: Matt Cherry, executive director of the Institute for Humanist Studies, speaks with Caspar Melville, editor of the British magazine New Humanist. There have been a lot of articles over the last few weeks about some comments British Prime Minister Tony Blair made about God, religion and the War in Iraq. Caspar explains what's going on with Blair and also sheds light on British attitudes toward religion and politics.


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