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--Humanist Network News #4


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Segment 1:

Interview: How do freethinking cartoonists feel about the Danish Muhammad cartoon controversy? Host Duncan Crary speaks by conference phone call to cartoonists Mikhaela B. Reid, of Brooklyn (The Boiling Point), Matt Bors, of Ohio (Idiot Box), and Jeff Swenson, of Seattle (Freethunk!).

Listener Comments: HNN listeners from all corners of America share their views on the Muhammad cartoon controversy.

Segment 2:

Interview: An Atheist goes to church. Host Duncan Crary speaks by phone with Hemant Mehta, "The eBay Atheist" of Chicago. Hemant auctioned himself on eBay as an atheist willing to be sent to church by the highest bidder. A Christian group named Off the Map won the auction for $504. Now Off the Map is sending Hemant to dozens of churches in the greater Chicago area and asking him to blog about his experiences. Overnight Hemant became a minor Internet celebrity.

Segment 3:

Musical performance: Leon Dukes, of Albany, N.Y., treasurer of the Black American Free Thought Association, performs and speaks about secular messages hidden in Negro Spirituals.


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