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--Humanist Network News #3


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Segment 1:

Interview: Why are there so few African-Americans involved in the humanist movement? Host Duncan Crary speaks with McKinley Jones and Taunya Hannibal-Williams of the Black American Free Thought Association (BAFTA) about black Americans and humanism. The black community in America is very religious. But many leaders in black history and the civil rights movement were African-American humanists and freethinkers. BAFTA is working to educate people about the role of freethought in black history.

Segment 2:

Interview: Does violent rap music cause real violence? Host Duncan Crary speaks with Caspar Melville, editor of the British magazine New Humanist. French politicians blamed the recent riots in France on French "gangsta" rap. Melville refutes this argument. He explains the troubled relationship between the French government and the French-speaking black, Arab and Muslim population living in the outskirts of Paris. Melville also explains how music and culture are important issues of concern to humanists.

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