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--Humanist Network News #2


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Segment 1:

Interview: Host Duncan Crary speaks with Larry Jones about the Santa Claus myth. Jones, president of the Institute for Humanist Studies, is a second generation atheist. His family celebrated Christmas, complete with Santa Claus, as a secular holiday. Jones says that discovering the truth about Santa helped him to learn how to think critically for himself.

Listener Comments: HNN listeners share their secular holiday traditions by calling the HNN listener comment line at 206-339-4168.

Segment 2:

Interview: Dr. Gopi Upreti, president of the Humanist Association of Nepal (HUMAN), visits Albany, N.Y. and the HNN recording room. Jones and Crary speak to Upreti about humanism and human rights in Nepal. Upreti likens the current state of superstition in Nepal to that of Medieval Europe, a time when women were routinely tortured and killed if they were accused of being witches.

Segment 3:

Interview: Just what does it mean to lobby for humanism? Host Duncan Crary speaks with Dr. Tim Gordinier about his work as a lobbyist. Dr. Gordinier is the director of public policy at the Institute for Humanist Studies. He is a registered lobbyist for humanism in New York state. What kinds of issues does Gordinier lobby on? How is he received in the legislature? Are there any humanist legislators in New York? Dr. Gordinier answers these questions and more.

Call the HNN listener comment line: 206-339-4168



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