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Free Inquiry podcast -Thomas Kida - Dont Believe Everything You Think


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Thomas Kida is a professor in the Isenberg School of Management at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst and the author of many articles on decision-making. For the last 25 years he has been researching and teaching how we form our beliefs and make decisions. His new book, Don't Believe Everything You Think: The 6 Basic Mistakes We Make in Thinking, presents this research. The book is about the ways our beliefs and decision making skills can go wrong. Do we all fall prey to problems in thinking? Why do we make these mistakes? Why do we believe the unbelievable?In the interview with DJ Grothe, Professor Kida highlights a few of the six mistakes of thinking discussed in the book, with real-world examples of how our thinking can go astray and what we can do about it.Also in this episode, Paul Kurtz and DJ discuss details of CFI's Student Leadership Conference celebrating 10 years of CFI's campus outreach. The event has attracted students from nearly 50 North American colleges and universities, in addition to universities in the Netherlands and Russia, and is being held this weekend in Amherst, NY.http://pointofinquiry.libsyn.com/index.php?post_id=110378#

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