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Why Would Anyone Be Against Christianity?


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Christianity is the MOST anti-intellectual religion on the planet.


I see no need to single out Christianity (which is merely pagan mythology applied by Paul to Jesus, who we know little or nothing about.) ALL revealed religions are anti-intellectual, but the one that remains the most primitive is Islam. It's institutionalized mistreatment of women alone puts it in that category, and Muhammed was a known perv on several counts.

Beg pardon, but, I "singled out" Christianity, because #1) THAT is the subject of this thread, and #2) As I demonstrated, it has VERSES that specifically cry out against intelligence. And as you will note, I said it is the MOST, not ONLY anti-intellectual religion. I'm an anti-theist, so I forgive NONE of them.


Yes, Islam IS fucked up. Most assuredly as much as Christianity. But this isn't a thread about Islam, is it? Which is why I've confined my comments to Christianity. If you want to do a compare and contrast of which is the Worst Religion Of ALL (a moot point), then feel free to do so. That wasn't my intent here. I was just answering the thread topic.

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