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ExC-blog --A non-Theological Rant: Yet another reason for leaving the church


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By Lorena


I have multiple food intolerances, which include wheat and milk. Now, think of a church potluck and try to come up with stuff that doesn?t have either milk or wheat. I also have problems with sugar, not only because I am overweight, but because I have a problem with my pancreas that, if I am not careful, may cause me to end up a diabetic.


I came across this article titled, Is religion making us fat? My answer before actually reading the article was, YES.


The article explains what all ex-christians know: Christians are bored because most activities are a sin, so they eat, continually. ?They gather around food.?


In the churches I attended, the people who knew me better were aware of my dietary difficulties. I never did try to make them adhere to my strict requirements. Most times, I just stayed away from the food.


That didn?t go well with my fellow Christians, however, as they were always encouraging me to have ?Just a little piece, just this time.?


I tried to explain over and over again that eating pastries is addictive. ?It is like alcohol for alcoholics,? I used to say. ?If you give in for a little bit, then you can?t stop.? (That?s why I occasionally go to Overeaters Anonymous.)


At the next gathering, they would have a cake out, and again the battle would start. The part I couldn?t and, still can?t understand, was that they would encourage me to eat something that would hurt my body. Didn?t they have a shred of compassion in them? Or are they just down right stupid.


In contrast, my non-christian friends were always watching me and encouraging me to not eat damaging stuff. They would even change restaurants for outings so that I could find something to eat.


It seems like an innocent issue, but it isn?t. There were times when I had gone without eating the offending foods for weeks until I went to a church function and caved in for, say, a luscious coffee cake.


I stopped going to church potlucks the time when all the food had cheese in it. I had to drive to a near-by restaurant to grab a bite. Given that so many people have food allergies, you?d think they would start serving fruits and vegetables. But no, that would be too progressive.


Instead of going to church functions, I started to enjoy the free time I had by staying home or by doing an alternate activity, like hitting the hot tub at my local gym.


Now I spend days by myself. Nobody is making me eat anything while I watch professional tennis on ESPN or USA. I also have time for walking and have shed a few pounds.



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Yes churches really have fattening buffet style lunches and dinners. This past summer I went to my sister's VBS program because she was an assistant there and they had a buffet style dinner of cheeseburgers, hot dogs, chips, and cookies, And fudge brownie sundaes for desert where the VBS old woman were pressuring people to try it. I watch my weight but I decided to pig out that night which I do a couple times a week. I ate 2 cheeseburgers, a serving of chips, and the brownie fudge sundae with ice cream but I didnt like the brownie or fudge much at all, I'm not a chocolate addict, mostly ice cream, cake, and cookie type of man.

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That is very true, but recently my mom asked me to take her to a Ojibwa Methodist church and they actually had pretty good food afterwards. One dish was a clear soup made out of garden grown veggies and venison. :yum: Tasty, lo-fat and loaded with vitamins and such.


Of course, they also had home-made macaroni and cheese. It was delicious, but not exactly healthy... :nono:


Damn...they had some excellent food there, come to think of it. But it was the first one I'd ever seen that actually had some good grub.

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