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Denis Leary Tells Mel Gibson To Shove It


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Some may have heard about this, but just incase some of you missed it.. Here it is:



Courtesy of Deadspin comes this video of Denis Leary's guest broadcasting stint at the Red Sox game.


Upon hearing that Red Sox first baseman Kevin Youkilis is Jewish Leary goes on a hilarious anti-Mel tear. Watch till the end for the second eruption...


The Sox announcer says: "I hope Mel Gibson doesn't come into this park... we'll run him outta here on a rail."


After making a nice play at first, Leary shouts: "Where's mel gibson now?! Where's mel gibson now?! He's in rehab and Youkilis is at first base."


Watch/Hear it Here Altner Net Blogs



:lmao: Mel's in Rehab... :lmao:


Sox won the game btw.. :)

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