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Supports Teaching Of 'intelligent Design'

Reverend AtheiStar

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Supports teaching of 'intelligent design'

Monday, October 09, 2006


The Chronicle recently went on record to state a case for supporting the teaching of evolution alone as the explanation for the complexity of life. This is a huge disappointment. In order for our children to be free-thinking people they need to be given all the facts. To simply teach evolution in the classroom as the only theory for the origins of life fails to deliver the complete picture to our children.


While you claim that evolution is the only scientific explanation, in reality it is simply a theory -- a weak one at that -- as there are many holes in the theory that have in fact discredited it. For example, in response to accepting the scientific claim that a Cambrian "explosion" took place about 530 million years ago, Stephen C. Meyer, director of the Discovery Institute's Center for Science and Culture, wrote in an article accepted for publication in Proceedings of the Biological Society of Washington that "the remarkable jump in the specified complexity or "complex specified information" (CSI) of the biological world cannot be explained by evolutionary theory."


(His silly and terribly flawed little piece of shite he called a paper is fully and comedically rebutted here: http://www.reverendatheistar.com/meyers_ho...ss_monster.htm)


Dr. Meyer, who is not the only scientist with this view, goes on to point out that the mechanism of natural selection, central to evolutionary theory, cannot possibly account for the development of so many varied and complex life forms simply by mutations in DNA. Rather, some conscious design -- thus requiring a Designer -- is necessary to explain the emergence of these life Wouldn't laying out all these facts about the complexities surrounding the origin of life to our students, rather than forcing one particular theory into their minds, and then engaging them in a conversation and challenging them to draw their own conclusions actually strengthen the education of our students. Why would "Michigan have to be embarrassed about that"? Intelligent Design is a matter of education -- and faith.


Bob Karel


Read more about Malevolent Design here:



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