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Satan, God And Jesus


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Satan - the other Christian God. He doesn’t exist either. Both are imaginary and go no further than the human brain. So get used to it Christian. If you believe any of these cosmic characters are anything but imaginary then you are living a life of delusion. It's as simple as that. So why don't you just face up to the fact that they do not exist outside your minds. Don't you think it's time to abandon such imaginary friends? When you were children you once believed in Santa Claus until your mind developed into a more rational mechanism to the point of reasoning more objectively. Before you realized it, Santa was just another myth and a fairy tale. And so it is with the imaginary Gods for adults.


I mean really.


Just what do you think you are trying to prove to the world with such ignorant beliefs anyway? Don't you know the world is laughing at you so hard that it's almost embarrasing to continue in such ignorance?


So why not come up to the real world of reality and start fresh in the world of rationality and a more objective way of life called atheism and humanism.


It makes so much more sense and is so much more fulfilling especially to the mind.


Therefore, my challenge to the Christians who participate in this forum is to start asking yourselves some hard, honest questions. Why do you continue to beleive in Jesus and his daddy Yahweh? and Satan of course; they are not real by any streatch of the imagination. They are man made Gods from their own image. So please, give the world and humanity as a whole a big break and come out of your delusion before it destroys the world before it's too late.


And all the athiests said: Amen



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