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Benefits And Drawbacks Of Leaving Christianity


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I'm just wondering what good things have come your way since leaving Christianity, and what, if any, bad things


For me, the benefits would be


- I can listen to whatever music I want to, I'm currently listening to Guns 'n' Roses, something I would never have done whilst a christian, because I would have felt 'convicted'. Honestly, in my christian life, I even got rid of some classical music after discovering that the theme of the music was 'dodgy'. I think I was a bit of a stuck up twat. I love music and it's great to broaden my horizons of what I listen to and not worry about whether the music has any words or anything about it which is 'ungodly'.


- Realising that I'm not such a weak, useless idiot. That I can do things myself and not rely on Jesus' help for everything. That I can plan out things in my life which are good and not have to submit to 'God's plan' for my life.


- Knowing that I've come to the knowledge that there is so much about Christianity (and religion in general) which is bullshit. It seems crazy now that I followed this religion for 15 years, now that I know all the biblical contradictions, false prophecies, and general bullshit.


- Having more faith in the goodness of humanity. Ok, there are times when I get pissed off with people in general, but that's just my own shortcomings. But now I see people as having goodness in them, rather than seeing them as depraved sinners.


- Appreciating the good things in life that I enjoy doing such as listening to music, watching football (soccer) and going out visiting places.


The main drawbacks would be:


- My friendships aren't of as good quality as they were when a christian, and i have lost some friends, but thankfully not too many. I think some groups of friends who are all or mostly christians can be great, now it's a bit more difficult to fit in. I find it a bit more difficult to make friends now, but that's something I believe I can work on by myself.


- I miss 'the presence of God'. Okay, so I've been reading books about God and meditation and stuff recently which seem real good, but whatever pathway I take, I'm not sure I'll ever experience 'the presence of God' ever again like I did when a christian. That was probably the thing I liked the most when a christian.


- Adjusting to my new lifestyle hasn't always been easy in some ways. Christianity helped to cover my personality defects in a lot of ways, but at least like I said I now realise I'm not weak and useless and can overcome things, just that some things take time.


What would you say are the main benefits and drawbacks of your life 'without Jesus'?

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- Not having continual, relentless anxiety about going to hell forever after I die.

- Not having to worry about whether or not anybody I love is going to hell after they die.

- Getting to spend my Sundays the way I damn well feel like.

- Having fewer "sacred cows" - things like not being quite so concerned with blaspheming, listening to the "wrong" music, etc.

- Not worrying anymore about a big pissed-off deity spying on me 24/7.

- Being able to be more genuine about things like, say, offering support when someone is ill, or offering comfort at a funeral. I find it way more honest to be able to say "Man, I'm so sorry, can I do anything for you?" than to say "I'm praying for you."

- Broadening my sense of humor. I can make fun of religion now too, without worrying about anything other than offending someone else.

- More freedom to indulge in personal habits, likes, and dislikes, without fear of eternal judgment. I can cut my hair the way I want, wear whatever clothing I want, read what I want, listen to whatever music I want, etc. etc. etc.

- There are probably more than that, but that's all I can come up with on the fly.



I am currently an atheist, so becoming a member of one of the least-trusted, most reviled demographics in the nation is kind of a bummer. Dealing with the assumptions about atheists is also a pain in the ass sometimes, although for the most part I'm pretty lucky. I live in WA, which has a buttload of atheists and is generally one of the more godless states in the union. So it really isn't so bad here.

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The only draw back is the deconversion process itself. It is difficult getting over the belief that you are going to hell, where you'll end up when you die; and having to totally purge your old habits and beliefs from your system...





1.) I can be myself, and love who I am...


2.) I don't have to believe in a fairy tale for my alleged salvation...


3.) No more fear of hell...


4.) No more spending my money to pay the pastor's salary..


5.) no more wasted sunday mornings...


6.) no more judgemental hypocrites. Many people say they have made valuable friendships in church, but they never went to mine. Everyone is so goddamn arrogant, backstabbing, and everything else. I would never want to be friends with someone who was devoutly christian...


7.) I can listen to the music I want(I love the song "Promiscuous" by Nelly Fertado!), and watch the movies I love...I pawned my Left Behind DVD's...


8.) I love logic and rationality...





1.) finding somewhere to fit. I will always be a relatively conservative person...That is just my personality and the way I like to dress.


2.) Giving up the CERTAINTY that I'll see my mom and dad when I die. I don't know what happens after we die...


But that turns into a pro, because I will love fiercely while the people I care about are here...


Another pro to that is...I hate all of my immediate family members, and I don't give a damn if I ever see them again.

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oh yeah, forgot to include not having to waste at least 10% of my money on the church. Now that is a DEFINITE good thing :P

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Benefits? Being honest with myself. Actually being able to study other religions with an open mind, feeling neither compelled nor forbidden to form my own opinions.


Benefits? Being honest with myself. Actually being able to study other religions with an open mind, feeling neither compelled nor forbidden to form my own opinions.


I forgot to mention drawbacks.


1. Finding out that non-Christians are the minority.


2. Being 'frowned upon' or just misunderstood by much of my community.


But those things don't matter as much.

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Non-xians aren't the minority - but non-Abrahamists are. Behold.


The pros are immesurable. How can they not be? Leaving a cult which encourages so many dangerous things as Xianity does can hardly not be laden with positives.


Personally, the only real con I have is that I find it hard at times to trust anything anymore. The sheer amount of skepticism I had to engage in order to finally break my stubborn ass away from the Jebus club has in turn been like a two-edged sword, and has helped to leave me uncertain about any sort of belief. No religion or religious philosophy appears to me to be without flaws, and while that's a good thing in that it keeps me on my toes, I would just like to be able to rest comfortably in my beliefs for a change.


But that's minor - the escape was well worth it :)

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Being able to listen to music and watch films I like.

Haivng more time on Sunday

Seeing non-christian people not as 'enemies of God" anymore but rather as unique individuals.

Not feeling like Satan is out to 'get me' or 'deceive me' all of the time

I'm more open to friendships with a larger segment of the population




Having trust in another avenue of faith is hard.

Not sure how to interpret the world around me.

Not sure what my purpose is anymore.

Having to explain why I was once a christian and now am no longer to everyone who aks me what my religion is.

Sometimes the fear of hell still looms in the background

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- I can concentrate on school without having to annoy anyone with religious babble.


- I can have more enjoyable conversations about normal things in life and be my weird self at the same time.


- I can write violent fiction without taking it seriously (ex. OMG! I said "he got shot in the face!" I'm gonna be punished by God now! I must repent!).


- I can spend my time more wisely instead of wasting it on useless religious trash, including prayer time and bible reading.


- I'm hated by a lot of Christians, especially fundies. A lot of these control freak jackasses don't care unless you're on their side.





- Judgmental Christian bigots are my enemies and that means there's plenty of them out there ready to annoy me. That's HELL to me.

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- Enjoying a well deserved lie in on sunday morning


- Not having to stand in a room full of people going "halleluyah jabba dabba blabba"


- Not having to go house groups, retreats, prayer meetings, etc


- Not having to pretend I have an imaginery friend


- Not having to listen to christian music




- Xtian relations saying things like "you'll come back to Jesus"


- Xtian acquaintances asking me why I don't go to their church anymore

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