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Excellent suggestion Nivek and there are lots of good things in that post and I so glad I finally have dispensation to write long sentences because it has been a real problem for me to always write short ones that don't really convey the meaning they should and now I have a handy tool to improve my writing which has been, shall I say, quite limited in its scope and impact but these tools will really make my sentences zoom and my paragraphs will know no end now which has been a problem if you've read my posts cause I've read your posts and find them well written which makes me ask why do you need tools like these since you seem to have mastered writing and all but heck, I guess we can all improve but I wonder what what the point would be if you have nothing logical to say like a lot of fundies that AthiestBobAgnosticPants and Graydon Square have been debating and Mick too so these guys are not going to benefit like us huh?

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I have just been de-throned as the King of the Disassociated Run On Sentence! HolyChitt Mongo!! Even the Regent of Total Grammer Murder (I can kill more grammer than a nut and his chainsaw in an old folks home!)


I bow to your amazink total <33T ability to go on and on and on and on and on....

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