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How Should I Handle This?

Guest santamarana

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Guest santamarana

Hi my Name is Chris. I'm from Texas (The state with authority :grin: )


I visit


Every day dealing with "Others". It's actually a pretty open forum for being Christian. It's the only forum that Christians have never banned me from.

I post alot there that others would get me banned from in a heart beat.

I have this "felling" I guess you could describe it as, of really despising Christianity and it's doctrines that it teaches. There are quite a few Atheist who post there, In fact there are more Atheist than Christians (Go Figure).

I was wondering If any others go through this stage of revealing the fallacy of Christianity to other Christians in hopes that they will realize the foolishness of what they believe.

I get alot of flack from even the atheist for being a bit harsh with the information that I provide. I do not think I am rude, but I am honest and do not spare for comfort.

I am also wondering If anyone can provide good resources for evangelizing against Christianity.

I have read many articles from Carrier,Till, Barker, and some others but I am not up to date (so to speak) with others in the field. Any info will be great.


Thanks for reading and may you be enriched in all that you do. :close:

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What your feeling is completely normal. I am still working my way out of this stage of the deconversion process. I'm still angry but I notice myself not seeking out xtians to debate with anymore. I still get mad as hell if an xtian or jehovah's witness comes to my door or i see them passing out crap in front of a public building. IMO, the anger we experience when leaving christianity is because we feel lied to (we were), betrayed, and maybe even a little embarrased by the fact that we used to buy into this horse crap. Also, for me, I get angry when I realize how many young impressionable children are being exposed to this horrible cult on a daily basis.


As far as actually convincing an xtian they are wrong, don't hold your breath, basically all you can do is plant a seed of doubt in their mind and hope that one day it will grow from there. I feel that simply being proud in your atheism and living a happy productive life will show many people that you don't need a god to live a decent life.


As far as debating resources, I don't personally know of any good books, I'm sure their out there I just haven't read them. I would recommend just going to google and typing in things like "biblical errors, contradictions, fallacies" etc. I have done this and have come up with hundreds of great articles and resources written by educated people.


Last of all good luck to you and in all your endeavors!

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