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Perverted Death Cult


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I've been watching a few christian related Youtubes lately, both by atheists and christians, but anyway, I just saw a Passion play video and there was a guy covered in blood (who looks remarkably like my own good self :)) hanging from the cross, reenacting the death of Jesus, with christians watching on, etc. and some crappy song about a 'crimson perpetual tide' of blood and how wonderful it all is...




Anyway, the sight of all that gore made me think, why is it that christians focus so much on the cruci-fiction?

The sadism, torture, pain and death, when the point of the whole story is supposed to be his resurrection?

The defeat of death, etc.


I've never seen any re-enactments of the stone being rolled away, or Mary at the tomb, etc. (Even Mel Gibson brushes over it in his sadistic epic.)


...and why is the symbol of christianity the cross?

Why not a little tomb-door stone rolled way, or empty bandages for headbands or something?

Much less gory and death cultish. An actual sign of (what would be) hope and life, not suffering.



I think it's because of the astrology link.

That's why astrology, and 'observing of times' is so forbidden by the bible - the knowledge of it would blow the whole game.



The cross is the cross of the zodiac.

The 3 day death is the turning of the sun at the winter solstice (Xmas time) as it's descent towards death is seemingly halted in the sky for three days ...and then begins to 'rise again'.


That's the true meaning behind the passion plays, that's the mystery being remembered in perpetuity from time immemorial

- the true meaning behind the similar stories in so many other ancient religions.


Christians, like good sheep, are just following as all have done before, not knowing what they're really doing or the truth behind it. They've missed the simple point of it all, because they're forbidden from the truth of it.

So they've taken it literally, then they get stuck on the bloody death part, and miss out on the life.

Their own life.


Revelation 4:7 (also Ezekiel 1:10) describes four beasts around the throne of god, having the face of an eagle, a bull, a man, and a lion. These are actually the four corners of the zodiac around the Sun: Leo the Lion, Aquarius the Water-bearing Man, Scorpio the Eagle, and Taurus the Bull...


The cross of the Zodiac is the True Cross ! :woohoo:


The zodiacal 'Age of Pisces' began around the time of Jesus. Hence the fish sign being the sign of christians, in fact early churches had no crosses, only Pisces fish.

Now we are at the end of that zodiacal age.

Aquarius is dawning.


So, these are the Last Days of Christ,

and good riddance to bad rubbish.



was that ranty enough...?


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Your post remind me of a christmas play my grandson was in a few years ago. The play was really cute with the little children dressed up like lambs, with cotton balls all over them and the little shepherds. The play went on with the angels telling the shepherds about the birth and well you know the rest. What really stuck out in this play was at the very end the lights went out and you could hear the hammering and when the lights came back on there was the CROSS with jesus hanging on it with those little children huddled at the foot. I could help to see the absurdity of that scene..The cross ,historically, is one of the most brutal forms of execution, but here it was given a warm and fuzzy very acceptable feel. I felt a chill when I saw that. What are they telling thier children at a early age? You are so right Spacemonk , death rules in christianty. And I want no part of it. Never again!

Does any of this make sense to you all, or is it just me? :shrug:

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I've read all that somewhere before. I don't believe in astrology, but I do think that Christianity, like the religions before it, will fade into history eventually. It's only a matter of time.

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