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Christianity Kills Children


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Cedric Rodrick was 8 years old when the village turned against him. After his father was killed in an accident, an uncle denounced him and his brother as “witches”.


A bogus preacher, offering to exorcise the evil spirits, concurred. A five-year nightmare had begun.




She turned out to be worse and handed them over to the pastor for exorcism.


“The pastor said we were responsible for my father’s death and we had to be cleansed. He made us sleep outside and refused us food for days at a time. Then, he and my aunt would hit us. They said they had to make the evil spirits run away, but they hurt. In the end I ran away. I will never go back,” he recounted


There are now thousands of these “churches”, with unqualified pastors offering deliverance and other panaceas to a life of crushing poverty. The preachers charge a price for cleansing the children of evil sprits that they say are the cause of the parents’ poverty. Illiterate parents are easy targets.


What's this bullshit about "bogus" and "unqualified" pastors. Having a certificate in woo doesn't make the woo more real.


Here is an example of why religion in general, and christianity in particular can be a very dangerous and bad thing.

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I remember when my father died at a very early age. He was a very abusive drunk, and one night I prayed that he would die. And it was two weeks later that he got in a severe car crash. He died three years later...Needless to say I did, inevitably, blame myself for it happening...


And that was mainly because of my religion...I used to believe in prayer, and after months of therapy I've just stopped blaming myself for that..


I do think religion is very damaging to children. You already have an overactive imagination as a child, and you shouldn't have adults convincing you that you are possessed by demons and etc. Those children will have to go through years of counseling just to reverse the damage that the church does.


It is really sick.

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People will argue:- "ah, but these aren't REAL christians, they've got false doctrines and mixed up theology"


I say bollocks to that.


(give me a bit of time & I might come up with why it's bollocks!)

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Here's an oldie...



1990: 'Praying Rapist' murders 68 year old woman after raping her. Man repeats Church periapts whilst committing his horrible sex attacks on aged women in South East London.


1990: British & American Catholic church officials shuttle around a priest accused of child sexual abuse who is evading arrest. Priest eventually extradited and sentenced to 6 years for sexually abusing 4 boys.


1990: Christian Evangelists rioted with police when they tried to question a member of the congregation in Kensington. A police van was set upon, a sergeant was dragged out and punched in the face and another officer was spat on whilst the mob tried to turn the van over.


1990: Bishop tries to hush-up Goat in Churchyard sex scandal of divorcee and Vicar by persuading her to destroy erotic love letters. Vicar had seduced the divorcee after calling on her to give advice on treating an ache in her shoulder.


1990: Slough Christian Social Worker sentenced to jail at Old Bailey for taking indecent photographs of a mentally retarded 8 year old boy. His job was to look after handicaped children to give parents a break.


1990: A Bradford man described in mitigation by his church leader as a 'devoted practising Christian' made menacing telephone calls to young mothers threatening to throw acid in their children's faces, stab and burn them.


1990: Vicar's wife runs off with 14 year old choirboy. Vicar claims the lad is a "son of satan" . "This unholy union is the work of the devil"


1990: Cathedral Sidesman jailed for life for murdering his mistress and her new lover. Clive Crawshaw, well connected with leading clergymen in Exeter, poured petrol over his victims and set them alight.


1990: Pentecostal Minister D Stenhouse from Solihull sent to jail after admitting five charges of indecently assaulting boys aged 12 to 15.


1990: Priest Domenico Bernard, 65 arrested for molesting women who came to his home for distressed females.


1990: Priest James Morrow found guilty of attacking pregnant woman at abortion clinic. Morrow had appeared in court four times in the previous year for similar protests.


1990: Archbishop Penney resigns following report of him having ignored or denied reports of child sex abuse by Catholic Priests. Since 1988 TWENTY of his priests have been convicted of sexually abusing boys.


1990: Catholic Priest Anton Mowat 45, pleaded guilty to sexually molesting four altar boys between ages 12 and 14. Sentenced to 6 years imprisonment in May for 2 charges of child molestation , two of cruelty to children, two of enticing boys for indecent purposes and four charges of battery.


1990: Priest Kenneth Arkley, pleaded guilty at Old Bailey to soliciting homeless young 'runaways' for sex at railway stations and repetitive homosexual acts with underage youth in his love nest.


1990: Rev Gordon Haggarty, TV vicar and celebrity jailed for lewd and libidinous practices at Edinburgh Crown Court. He bound, blindfolded and gagged girls in his care aged from 8 to 12 years, then took photographs of them.


1990: Nineteen members of Roman Catholic lay order charged with 149 counts of physical and sexual abuse at a boys training school (now closed down)


1990: Jehovah's Witness Thomas Rosserr, 38, pleaded guilty to two sexual intercourse with a 13 year old girl at Bible Classes and was sentenced to 21 months at Teeside Crown Court.


1990: Prison Chaplain replies to sexual contact mag advert and is blackmailed after writing pornographic letters about his erotic fantasies.


1990: Priests of a wealthy Roman Catholic break-away sect are given emergency hospital treatment after self-castration. Followers of the Christian sect are also reported to insert rings through their genitals as penitence or to prevent sexual temptation.


1990: Rev Stephen Horkin pays rent-boy to sadistically abuse him whilst dressing up as the devil.


1990: Methodist Reverend Paul Flowers, vice--chairman of Rochdale social services committee which had control over the Rochdale Satanic Abuse Cases is discovered to have a conviction for indecency during the height of the allegations. Flowers was caught in a public lavatory with another man.


1991: Lord Justice Butler-Sloss (author of the definitive Cleveland report on child abuse) cautioned a Christian 'religious fanatic' who had appealed to see his two children who feared him because of his obsession with Christianity. He had tried to force his strict beliefs on the children and they were frightened of him when he questioned their own beliefs. The judge said "Don't push your beliefs too far or you may lose them forever."


1991: Priest allows filming and broadcast of the 'exorcism' of 16 year old girl who is tied down and traumatised with spitting, screaming and retching.


1991: Rev Elias Sark convicted of rape and gross sexual imposition on a female parishioner.


1991: A Christian religious fanatic whose father had died after drinking strychnine during a service was killed during another church service where attendees were encouraged to handle Snakes.


1991: Church Choir tenor and dole fraud investigator Ian MacKenzie, 35, was jailed for four years for sexually assaulting boys aged between 12 and 14. MacKenzie forced them into felatio after making them shackle him with chains and rope and then thrashing him with a horsewhip.


1991: Rev. John Stockwell found guilty of kerb-crawling and soliciting prostitutes.


1991: Fallen priest Roy Yanke robbed 14 banks and stole 24,000. Yanke admitted spending the money on his obsession with prostitutes.


1991: Church Organist Vincent Smith jailed at Leeds Crown Court for repetitive sexual abuse of a 9 year old boy which extended over a six year period.


1991: Priest Norbert LaCosse, sentenced to 15 years for molesting his 12 year old Altar boy, admitted to repeatedly abusing him.


1991: Rev G Snow, 38 jailed for sexually assaulting a 10 year old boy. Police found two suitcases filled with indecent photographs of boys and men in Snow's vicarage.


1991: 52 yr old Priest pleaded guilty to sexually abusing children aged 13 to 15 in dormitories whilst they slept. He was the second priest to be convicted in the scandal.


1991: Evangelist preacher Alan Bradley of Skipton convicted of indecent behaviour. Caught by police after revealing himself to young girls wearing a rubber penis and false breasts.


1991: Catholic Priest tape recorded soliciting sex from policewoman. Priest Dominic Candappa (official exorcist) entrapped and arrested between church services on Good Friday.


1991: Baptist Minister Ashby Breneman gets 18 yrs for molesting six boys at a Christian Youth Camp he ran.


1991: 62 yr old Sunday School teacher sentenced to 10 years for sexually assaulting numerous children who attended Sunday School classes.


1991: Baptist Minister Rev. Robert Burton charged after admitting long-term serious sexual abuse of his six and eight year old stepsons.


1991: Pentecostal Religious teacher who already had convictions for indecency against chldren was allowed to teach bible classes at a Cornwall church and used his position to sexually assault an 8 year old boy who attended his classes.


1991: Minister Alfred Gatehouse 62, sentenced to 10 years for sodomy and soliciting paid sex with teenage girls.


1991: Baptist Minister Larry Bernard 45, sentenced to 7 years for molesting a boy of 14.


1991 Reverend S Pusateria 40, sentenced to 6 years for criminal sexual assault. He molested his victim repeatedly for over a year.


1991: Priest sentenced to 22 years imprisonment for repeatedly sexually assaulting a 13 year old boy.


1991: 51yr old Minister's Wife convicted of inducing a minor in her foster care to engage in sexual intercourse. /care to engage in sexual intercourse.



The S.A.F.F. only began collecting, collating and analysing Sexual Abuse linked with ecclesiastics during 1989 hence the sample of cases grew as our scope and ability to source them increased. The early years are therefore sparse but this reflects the lack of attention so far applied to them. Since 1978 we have logged over ONE HUNDRED convictions of Christian Ritualised Abuse. Compare these DEFINITE cases with the six uncorroborated cases promoters of Satanic Ritualised Abuse have unearthed over the same period and the true nature of both is immediately apparent. The average yearly level of abuse going by our 1989/90 & 91 figures can be considered representational at two dozen cases per year, a shocking figure. We did not collate cases prior to this.


The tragedy of the suffering of innocent children in this situation is too miserable to contemplate.

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