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John Safran Vs. The Mormons


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John Safran is a renegade reporter who has had two very good programs on ABC TV here in Oz - "John Safran Vs God" and "Speaking in Tongues."


site here - http://www.johnsafran.com/

Speaking in Tongues here - http://www20.sbs.com.au/speakingintongues/index.php


Speaking in Tongues episodes can be viewed online.


He has travelled the world and practiced, attended prayers/lectures and participated in all kinds of religious rituals from Catholic Christianity to Scientology, Haitian Voodoo to the Freemasons.


In probably the funniest episode ever, he tries to convince the Grand Dragon of the Klu Klux Klan to let him join even though he's a Jew!


John Safran vs. God will be available in the U.S. next year, and I highly recommend it.


Here is an episode where John travels to Salt Lake City and goes door knocking as an Atheist Evangeliser (dressed much like a Mormon, but with an Atheist name badge!) trying to spread the word of Atheism to the Mormons! In this same episode he also talks to some ex-Mormons and manages to purchase a set of their secret magical underwear!




And from the comments on that page -




White dress-shirt $34.99


Black nametag $7.50


Copy of "Orgin of Species" $22.95


The look on a former Utah missionary's face when they realise that they are finally on the receiving of some nicely sarcastic payback....




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Bwahahahahaha! :lmao:


Thanks, Jun. I needed that. :HaHa:

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