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What Did You Do With All Your Xtian Stuff


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You do realize that Catholics are Christian right? They consider themselves a Christian denomination. Of course, if you ask some fundy churches like the Southern Baptists, nobody but them is a Real True Christian ™. But they are generally considered Christian.


:scratch: However they do not believe the same things though. They at least have a "system" and is one of the most organized denominations that is global since the Roman era. That is the only thing I like about the Catholic denomenation is that they are organized and not always bickering about their religion. The other Christian denomenations always seem to be at war with one another even they face the Catholics even.


I feel ashamed, Catholics are a type of Christian. My old church for some reason never considered them Christian and made fun of Catholics and other denominations. Which that kind of pisses me off when you think about it from even a Christian view or someone that would be religous. Still today even as an atheist I think that my church crossed the line many times. That is why so many people left my old church.


This is the learning stages now , find out what really happend. I know that Catholicism was the first actual denomination. Then the protestant Christian denominations broke off of that after corruption in the church. Its a lot of facts I know then the Crusades and so on.


Side Question- Do Catholics believe if you are a moral good person you go to heaven? I was told that by a Catholic this summer.I told him do you realize in the Christian religion you are going to hell and that is not the right way. I said I am an athesist but you have to realize there are so many religions and you can be going to someone's hell and not know it. So how do you know which one is right? :scratch:

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