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Tonight I Hoist A Glass High


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Lost my Godfather in the Machinegunning world and one of my families best Friends.


Don Lano of N. Idaho lost his fight with colo-rectal cancer this morning towards noon.


"Navy Chief" of 20+ years, "Ursis" as he was known to most of his net friends and to those of we who shot with and against him was an ardent and outspoken First and Second Amendment 'bulldog'.


Freedom to call him a crusty, fucked in the head, war mongoring, asshollian son.of.a.bitch was as important to him as our Right to carry what and where we wanted and required.


Kind to his friends and loved ones to a fault.


Was like the Dad I wish I might have had. Was Beasties adopted Granddad..



I hoist that straight shot of single malt from the bottle we kept for you here Chief.


I'll never forget you Don. Go to your Peace, hope its there for you.



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*lifts mead horn*




Sad to see one of the goo' fellas go... oh well, that's life... :mellow:

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*Raising glass*


May the good they did, and the good they were, live on in the generations of those whose lives they touched.


My wife and I are raising a glass as I type - I just happened to have a 10-year Glenkinchie single malt (the wife opted for DiSaronno) - we second Piprus' toast.


Hear, hear!


[downs shot, almost chokes on fumes, hits submit]

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Don "Ursis" and Eva "Sunshine" at the Albany, OR Subgun shoot this past May.


Both were cancer patients, however "in the family" things and information weren't wanted to be let out.


Eva passed on soon after the shoot, her case was a fast acting one, took her, Don and her girls at her bedside.


Her passing took the wind right out of Don's sails. We saw him last in September as he was headed to a shoot in Boise, Idaho. He looked good, but he told use the gut cancer had progressed past any help medically.

Was ready to head to the "Goat Locker" (Chief's Quarters in Navy terms) and join Eva.


He did his chemo, but the Docs told him "Chief, go home, enjoy what time you may have left."


Don did so, we talked weekly on landline. He was loaded up, headed to Florida's east coast to a shoot and meet up with friends from Subguns.com there.


He got as far as Spokane, about an hour and a half, got sick, turned around. Got home, put his machineguns back in the lockers, went to hospital.

Family, two daughters and a son got called, they are there now dividing and cleaning his house and possessions.


Second picture shows Don doing what he loved best. Competing with machineguns.. He did it well. The Old Man consistantly took upper rank, if not Firsts and Seconds in the Games where younger, faster, more limber "kids" participated.


Don's kindness to Beastie in the way he took to my Son, the gifts he gave both material and mind will always be well remembered and thought of.


Fair Sailing Chief, the wind is always to your back now...


Folks, thanks for your toasts and kind words.. It helps make my hurt less knowing others hoist to the passing of a stranger..




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