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Jesus Christ - The Email

Brother Jeff

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The Spook of Kryasst who is also somehow magically Him magically inspired Sister Carol Anne to write to me tonight from my RIBS site ( http://www.religionisbullshit.org/2006/12/...rist-the-email/ )to scold me for my nastiness and ask me several questions. The following is my response to her:


Sister Carol Anne: If you do not believe in Jesus, why would you put so much effort into Him?


Brother Jeff: That’s like asking the parents of a four or five-year old, “If you don’t believe in Santa, why do you put so much effort into him”? But to answer your question, I do my site because I enjoy doing it and most importantly because telling the TRUTH about the Bible and the Christian religion is important.


Sister Carol Anne: Also, knowing that there are many Christians who follow Him, why would you be so very nasty and crude.


Brother Jeff: If you think this site is nasty and crude, then check out http://www.fuckthelord.net. But to answer your question, I do not believe that religious beliefs - as absurd and dangerous as they all are - deserve any respect at all. This country is being torn apart culturally because religion is given undue respect. The teaching of science in our classrooms is constantly under attack by abysmally scientifically ignorant religious fanatics because religion is given undue respect. Homosexuals are constantly persecuted and denied their rights by people like you because religion is given undue respect. When the Church reigned supreme we endured a long and dreary period of history known as the Dark Ages. Millions of people died horrible deaths because religion was given undue respect. Millions of disabled people are being denied the health benefits (and possible cures) that stem cell research could bring because religion is given undue respect. Need I go on? Can you see my point? Religion is not worthy of ANY respect. PERIOD.


Sister Carol Anne: Why not give your opinion like a human being.


Brother Jeff: If you mean that I should be respectful while disagreeing with religious people, then I think you know by now why I am not.


Sister Carol Anne: You have a free choice to believe or not believe. No one is twisting your arm, I would be sure of that.


Brother Jeff: If certain people - namely the Religious Right in this country - had their way, I would not have a free choice to believe or not believe. Just as it was in the Dark Ages my choice would be to BELIEVE OR DIE. So, it’s important for me to speak out while I still have the freedom to do so.


Sister Carol Anne: Have your way, but why are you so disrespectful? Who taught you to be like that? Why would you want to be disrespectful?


Brother Jeff: I think you should know by now why I am so disrespectful. Nobody taught me to be like that. I don’t believe that religion deserves any respect, therefore I don’t approach it in a respectful manner. Why would I want to be disrespectful? Because it serves my purposes to be so. I hate religion and what it has historically done to the world and what it is currently doing to the world. Do you realize that if not for religion we would be thousands of years more technologically advanced than we currently are? Do you know anything at all about the history of your own religion and how it has consistently hampered scientific and social progress for the last 2000 years? Are you not aware of the tremendous amount of bloodshed that your “religion of peace” has caused over the centuries? Christianity has stained the pages of history with BLOOD. See this link for a thoroughly disgusting list of atrocities committed by Christians over the centuries. Have you ever even read your own Bible? Accounts of senseless genocidal slaughters abound - all of them directly ordered or sponsored by your "God of Love"! Glory!


Sister Carol Anne: Does it make you "feel" good.


Brother Jeff: Yes, it does. Glory!


Sister Carol Anne: Something terrible must have happened to you. There is a reason and I do hope you

will come to your senses.


Brother Jeff: Something terrible did happen to me. I wasted 15 years of my life as a typically ignorant Christian mistaking silly ancient myths and lies for Divine Truth. I lost my youth to religion, and you're damned right I’m pissed off about it. I have come to my senses. I’ll take truth, facts, reason, rational thought, and common sense over religious belief any day! I hope that YOU will one day come to YOUR senses and dump religious belief in the trash bin where it belongs. And I hope you will do it before you lose too much of the only life you will ever have to religion.


Sister Carol Anne: And, by the way, you would be wasting your time to curse me or call me names, etc


Brother Jeff: Why would I do such a thing? I have no interest at all in personally attacking you.


Sister Carol Anne: I know that Jesus exists and is God so your foolishness would not bother me.


Brother Jeff: You don’t “know” any such thing as I doubt you have ever investigated the supposed evidence for your beliefs. You believe, just as I did for so very long, because that’s what you have been taught is true. That doesn’t make it so. The fact of the matter is that the very existence of a historical Jesus is questionable at best. There is exactly ZERO evidence that he was God or that he was magically undeadened (resurrected). Tell me, why should I believe a claim for which there is NO EVIDENCE? My “foolishness” must bother you since you took the time to write me. Did I perhaps have something to say that has planted a seed or two of doubt in your mind concerning your beliefs? I hope so!


Sister Carol Anne: If you cannot find something intelligent to say, please do not reply.


Brother Jeff: I trust that you have found my reply to be not only intelligent, but passionately so.


Sister Carol Anne: Thanks for listening.


Brother Jeff: You’re welcome. Thanks for writing me.

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Ha! Absolutely brilliant! :68:


You truly have a way with words, and that response deserves great praise. GLORY! :jesus:

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Wow. It actually appears that she managed to ask every single stereotypical question. Incredible.

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The FTL site is good. I made a copy of all the murders done by the evil god botherers.

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Good work, Brother Jeff

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