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Existence Of Jesus And Experience Of Jesus


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Hi guys...just habving a thought about this subject.


Given the very controversial nature of whether Jesus lived or not, it seems to me that it doesn,t make any sense to base a literal faith in Jesus as a person. Learn from his messsage and wake up spiritually , yes. But how can you base a faith upon Jesus as a person if it is not absolutely CERTAIN that he lived? Let alone being alive today! It seems we cannot KNOW for sure whether he lived, or not, because we were not there.


Most christians don,t start out from looking at the evidence for Jesus. It seems they have some kind of conversion, or spiritual experience which is then interpreted as Jesus "coming into their heart". This then puts the people who have this experience, and accept this interpretation, in the position of HAVING to believe and justify that Jesus existed because they have based their whole experience on the belief that it IS Jesus they are in relationship with. Clearly, this then means that they have already accepted a position irrespective of any evidence.


Jesus is not true to christians because of historical evidence, but because they believe they are in a relationship with him. So maybe christians who believe this way, won,t care what the evidence is.....their mind is made up.


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