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Just How Bad To God Screw Up?

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God is suppose to be perfect and everything but we all know he is not perfect. Here is some mistakes God has made I am only going to list a few because I want to see where this thread will go.


1. God is perfect yet he created inperfect beings


2. God had a hissy fit when his "perfect" beings screwed up


3. God had to create himself as human to fix his problem (which nobody asked him to do anything)


4. The Loving God ordered a flood killing everyone except Noah and he promised there will be no more floods but there is floods....


5. God is a little late on coming back because he was suppose to be back a long time ago during the time of those people. I guess God can't tell time real well.


6. God promised prayer works but it seems not to be the case...does it


7. The Bible is suppose to be incorruptable and perfect but lets see how many disagreements happen within Christianity


8. God's religion is suppose to be 1 religion. However the people he made it for split it up into many denomenations and who knows what the truth is anymore


9. All knowing God let angles betray him


10. God created a talking snake (damn I thought he could just poof it away)



I want to see more on these because I know God "perfect thing" that he is cannot screw up huh. Well keep this thread going.

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Guest Woodleigh

Gave Eve a tea or coffee choice....how?.... by allowing the serpent to contradict Him. So for Eve it was one being's word against another. Bit of a rough deal laying it down as a test. She believed the serpent.....and why not? For all she knew the serpent was telling the truth ! What parameters of reference did she have?


Then Adam sees that Eve doesn't drop down dead "in that day"... doesn't think for one moment that the definition for "day" could mean a generation or 1000 years or nighttime or a female singer with the first name of Doris or a leaking gasket on a boeing 747 flight crew's chrome-covered staff lavatory cistern !


He just sees that Eve survives the disobedience and is convinced that the serpent tells the truth. " Gimme some dat stuff " he says.


So for God it is a flimsy excuse to allow thousands of years of human misery which apparently breaks his heart too... what a sado/masochist!



Not to mention all those Angles....some of which must be really obtuse....look out for the clever ones though... they are really sharp !




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Another mistake God made was just give man free will. If man didn't have free all the problems would be solved. No betrayal , no dieing on the cross and everything would be a perfect world. But we all know the story how it goes it's OUR FAULT because of freewill. Well God just should of not given us free will realitcally.


Jesus why did he have to beg to himself on the cross? I never got that why does Jesus need to talk to himself and he begs God? Oh well that is just awkward.


Another mistake God made besides Adam and Eve was create the Tree of Knowlege. If the tree is so bad why create it? Why create the posion if it is so bad?


God is also suppose to be emotionless basically but we see him countless times ordering killings of woman, children.


Another mistake I know, The Bible. God says countless times men are sinners, corrupt and all that junk. Why would he trust men to write his own book? That people are going to follow for the rest of the time in the world. Also if he is so real why didn't Jesus ever write anything?


God all knowing lets people like Ted Haggard preach. (who is a liar)

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Guest Woodleigh

Well Ramen,



I have always asked myelf this question:


If God is perfect and made the world and saw that it was "good" why did he include volcanoes and earthquakes ???

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