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Aig Says Oil Can Be Made In 2-5 Days!


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Crude oils themselves do not take long to be generated from appropriate organic matter. Most petroleum geologists believe crude oils form mostly from plant material, such as diatoms (single-celled marine and freshwater photosynthetic organisms)12 and beds of coal (huge fossilized masses of plant debris).13 The latter is believed to be the source of most Australian crude oils and natural gas because coal beds are in the same sequences of sedimentary rock layers as the petroleum reservoir rocks.14 Thus, for example, it has been demonstrated in the laboratory that moderate heating of the brown coals of the Gippsland Basin of Victoria, Australia, to simulate their rapid deeper burial, will generate crude oil and natural gas similar to that found in reservoir rocks offshore in only 2–5 days.15


Lets go and make some oil guys! We can all be billionares!

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Oil has been artificially made. Though, it does cost more to make it than to drill/refine it. Sorry, you won't get rich making oil until we run out.

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In 1944, the German petro chemical industry was producing synthetic lubricants to replace the oil that Germany could no longer produce or aquire.

These lubricants were very expensive to produce, and tended to fail at high temperatures (ie; a hot engine)


We can certainly produce alcohol fuels, But lubricating oils are still a problem.

Plant based oils are great for cooking and fun to grease up your girlfreind with. But they cant be used in engines or berrings.


There is always some new claim of a miracle that makes motor oil in no time, But these claims are inevitably refuted by real science.


I'll believe it when a Japanese company announces full production

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