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Dear George


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Won't George go to hell for not visiting the sick?


You know, I'm starting to wish there really was a Hell with all the people Bush has killed and maimed leaning over the rails of heaven pointing and laughing as a demon sticks a spit up his ass and roasts him slowly over the flames basting him in the pus of his victims -- FOREVER!!!



Dear George,


Here is a response from a certified "war skeptic."


Go to Iraq, get out of the Green Zone, and see what life is like for people in Iraq and for the soldiers you’ve sent there. Stay a few days—no quick photo op and back home. Be sure you drink the water.


Then go to Walter Reed Army Hospital and visit the ortho ward. Not just a quick little photo op, but stay there for a week. You can do it. You stay in Crawford for a week or more and the government keeps going. So go to Walter Reed—or better yet, go to a burn unit at a military hospital.

Don’t do the glad-handing politician bullshit. Go around and empty urine bags. Learn how to check I.V.’s. See if their pain meds are enough.

Hear the moans. See the disgusting sights. Smell the smell.


Then when you’re done, go to a V.A. hospital and ask to visit a "back ward." No photo op, here either, prez. Spend another week. See the guys from Nam and Gulf War I and who knows where else their government sent them. No photos. No talking. Just listen. And tend to them. Turn them in their beds to keep them from getting bed sores. Check their feeding tubes. Empty their colostomy bags.


THEN come back and say this war is worth one more person’s life or health or family.


Come back and tell us that if you can.


If you can’t, get the hell out of here.


Mike Ferner

US Navy Hospital Corpsman 69-73

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Would any politician spend a week at any of these places, performing needed tasks of care? No.

I am becoming so jaded when it comes to politics and the monkeys (all of them) who hold office. It's all about power and control, and screw the masses.

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