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The Goth And The God


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Feast your eyes on act 1 and 2 of the story which will bring tears to your eyes. Here is just a taste where this story is going.



The Goth and the God

by Ramen666




Vlad- the lead main character who is Gothic, he hates colors and only likes black.


Grace- Vlad’s childhood friend she knows of his past


Pastor Thomas- the head of the church trying to reach Vlad


Antonio- The atheist, once was a Christian but left due to something happened in his life.


Act. 1 Gothic Paradise


The act opens up Vlad is sitting in a cornfield smoking looking at the moon. He thinking about life and he has a dagger in his back pocket.


Vlad-(speaking to himself)- I love the darkness and blood….I will see that I am alone away….life….(continues smoking)


A car is heard from the highway


Vlad- damn people….(walks out of the field to see the car) I am going to kill you…bring you down…..you know to darkness…..”


The car door opens and a woman walks out


Vlad- Grace………


Grace- Vlad? What has happened to you? You have changed?


Vlad- You have become (cough cough) more beautiful well for my friend.


Grace- (blushes) why are you out here?


Vlad- You know smoking I can think about demons and darkness because that is where this world is all going.


Grace- Vlad….are you ok?


Vlad- ya….I am fine…(looks at the sky and falls to the ground)


Grace- VLAD! VLAD!


Grace- (looking around she see’s drugs, beer) Oh my god!!!!


Act. 2 Vlad’s God


Vlad was in the emergency room as the doctors were pumping air in him.


Grace- What has happened?


Doctor- Over dosing he will be pronounced dead in 10 minutes if we can not get him through.


Grace- (closes her eyes and prays) God please save him…please save him….


A huge blast came from below them the power went out


Grace- NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Doctors were running in panic and cell phones were going off.


Nurse-“ A bomb went off on the lower….we have no more information.”


Doctor Tim- CLEAR! CLEAR! CLEAR DAMN IT POWER IS NOT ON! (Doctor got angry) He is breathing barely look at his chest….


Vlad- ughhhhhhhhhhh


Grace- Vlad…please be alive


Doctor- Emergency power online give him one more shock now!


Doctor Tim- CLEAR!!!!!!!!!!!


Vlad- AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Everything became white and blurry for Vlad and he was looking around.


Vlad- Where am I?


Grace- God saved you!!! God saved you!!!!


Vlad- What? Grace…..where am I? I smell fire….





Next Time on The Goth and the God


The bombing down stairs who did it?


God? Enough said but what will Vlad react did God save him?


Who is Grace?


What is Vlad's record and how can he become a Christian when he is gothic?


Why is this Christian themed right now? The story continues....

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Act 2 Part 2


Vlad- What has happend....?


Grace- Someone drugged you


Vlad- who? I was only smoking and drinking beer....what happend


Grace- I honestly don't know...you are lucky to be alive


Vlad- How?


Grace- I prayed and God saved you


Vlad- Please don't go God on me


Grace- A bomb went off down stairs and many people are hurt according to the nurses.


Doctor A- Get out miss! We have to evacuate now


Vlad- What about me?


Doctor A- Took out a needle with liquid in it


Vlad- What is that?




Doctor- hmmmmm(puts shot away)


Grace- Whats happening its getting dark and smoky in here....






Act 3. The Outside



Grace was walking past burned corpses of patients, nurses and doctors, the windows were all shattered and she had tears in her eyes. Police were surrounding the area and so was the commisoner looking at the damage


Commisoner- Robinson You know what happend a psychopath trying to promote something did it till his death


Nurse- Commisoner Robinson what happend?


Commisoner- My CSI are looking it out it appears to be a car bomb crashed in here...look there is the car


Grace- Sat on the curb (crying) she was grabbing her cross


Vlad- something saved me....God was watching out for us wasn't he ( He was lying in the bed outside now)


Grace- (looking at the dead bodies) Yes....(looking at the bodies as the police were covering them )


Commisoner- Vlad Jenkins....you... quite some time...why are you here?


Vlad- I was smoking and drinking like I always do and I ended up here something happend...to me and I died and I saw Jesus


Commisoner Robinson- Jesus....you mean the hobo under the bridge


Vlad- I am talking about Jesus in the Bible


Commisoner- :shrug: no idea, I don't read Babbles that is disgusting with all those nude woman


Vlad- Thats porn not the Bible


Commiisoner- what is a matter I need to check see who bombed this place be glad you are alive


Grace- (shaking) ....God....why.....?






On Part 3 part 2 and Part 4


Vlad becomes a Christian


Grace begins questioning but still a Christian


We meet the pastor and youth pastor


Who drugged Vlad?

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I need feedback, I am rewriting the story in actual story form I relaized this is not a good version but this is a ground work for the story. Later on this year I will post the whole story but I need ideas.


Right now where I am at is the back story where Vlad meets Grace for the first time, it is one of the most tragic parts of the story. It is also a murder mystery within the story.

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