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This is a rather entertaining debate on the nature of religion on the board for the Wu Tang Clan (a rap group.) Now a little frame of refrence is needed to understand what is going on. This part of the Wu Tang Clan's forums is called Know The Ledge and it is where you "drop knowledge" (rap talk for create logical fallacies.) It is a favorite part of the board for all type of "interesting" discussion. Once there was a debate there on whether the moon was real. Compared to that, this is a pretty mundane discussion but it still has many of the major players of other discussions on KTL. Black Man is a white member of the 5%ers, a strange offshoot of the Nation Of Islam that teaches black people have divine powers and are "the gods of the universe." The discussion is pretty mundane until he starts posting (post #24), then things get weird, as they always do when he shows up. Tricknowlodgy BTW, is the "white man's dirty tricks." After that, we get to watch some orthodox muslims and christians debate about absolutely nothing. To be fair, the normal people are OK but the weirdos are so weird on this board.

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